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Introduce the 2020 Dell xps179700 and xps159500. Which one should you choose? What's the difference?

Dell xps17 9700 and xps15 9500 notebooks are all new universal design notebooks launched by Dell in 2020. Let's take a look at which of Dell xps17 9700 and xps15 9500 is better? What's the difference? See which is more in line with your expectations

I. what is the difference

main areas of Dell xps17 9700 and xps15 9500 10. Displacement resolution: 0.04 μ M the external dimensions are different, one is 17 inches, the other is 15 inches; Second, the screen share is different. The screen share of xps17 reaches 93.7%, and the screen share of xps15 can improve the printing efficiency to 92.9%. Third, the contrast is different. The contrast of xps159500 is 1500:1, while the contrast of xps179700 reaches a higher 1650:1; Other hardware configurations and performance are similar. You can choose according to your favorite size

Dell xps17 9700 user comments, have you regretted buying it?

Dell xps15 9500 quotation and comment details?

II. Dell xps17 9700 quotation and comment:

1. Reference price: ¥ 15999.00 (view activity quotation)

2. User comments:

screen effect: the screen is very comfortable, with a narrow frame. It has been used continuously for two hours, and it is really not tired, The black technology of physical anti Blu ray is still very stimulating

running speed: the running speed is very good, and the boot is very fast

appearance: the appearance is domineering and stylish

lightness: the weight is appropriate, and it is also suitable for mobile office

III. Dell xps15 9500 quotation and comments:

1. Reference price: ¥ 13999.00 (view JD event quotation)

2. User comments: on the screen: up to 92.9, 300 R & D institutions of all kinds; The output value of the new material industry accounts for more than 50% of the output value of the high-tech industry. The new 16:10 screen ratio and the narrow four sided comprehensive screen make the full screen game particularly representative, with a shocking visual effect and a full sense of science and technology. In addition, it is equipped with a physical anti blue light screen, which will not cause discomfort to the eyes of the game and work for a long time Summary:

Dell xps17 9700 and xps15 9500 are both thin and lightweight notebooks worth starting with. Their screens, heat dissipation and processor performance are good, but the price is relatively expensive. (see details of advantages and disadvantages of user evaluation)

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