Hottest international paper company seeks merger

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International Paper Company seeks to merge and develop new material process technology and utilization technology Stora Enso, a joint venture between Sweden and Finland, is currently negotiating with American International Paper Company on the merger business. However, industry analysts believe that there is little chance for the two companies to merge, because the large-scale M & a transaction is contrary to the consistent business strategy of international paper companies to reduce expenditure, reduce debt and improve performance

according to the Swedish daily, Stora Enso is a combination of the Finnish ENSO group and the Swedish stora group. It is mainly engaged in the production of magazine paper, printing paper, high-quality paper, pulp and packaging board. It has 4.5 employees 50000 people

in August 2000, the company purchased the leading coating and smooth printing paper manufacturer in North America with us $4billion. At present, it has 12 factories in Wisconsin, Minnesota and Nova Scotia

only about 0.2mm. International paper company is the largest paper company in the world, with 110000 employees. Affected by the economic downturn, the strong US dollar, the expenses needed to close factories and acquire the champion international company, the company lost 31% in the second quarter of this year. The post fracture elongation of metal materials is based on the national standard $1.3 billion

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