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Investment analysis and prospect forecast report of China's small-scale wind power industry in

as a clean and renewable energy, wind energy market has also developed rapidly with the development of global low-carbon economy. By the end of 2011, China's cumulative wind power installed capacity had exceeded 60million kW, maintaining a leading position in the world wind power market

wind power generation can generally be divided into large-scale wind power, medium-sized wind power and small-scale wind power. Small wind power, also known as separated wind power, is an independent power supply system, that is, in remote areas where the power is not accessible, small wind motors are used to charge the battery, and then converted into AC through the inverter to supply power to the terminal electrical appliances. The unit capacity is generally 100w-10kw

as early as the 1970s, small-scale wind power technology was developed in Inner Mongolia, Xinjiang and other places where China is rich in wind energy resources. At first, small-scale wind power technology was widely used in power transmission projects to rural areas to supply power for farmers and herdsmen. With the improvement and development of small-scale wind power technology, at present, China's small-scale wind turbines can not only be used alone, but also complement the combination of light and electricity, and are widely used in independent power supply. In recent years, the export of China's small-scale wind power equipment has been steadily improved, and China's small-scale wind power technology and wind solar complementary technology have leapt to the international leading position

in addition to large-scale wind power plants, small-scale wind power is also an important direction for the development of China's wind power industry. The product prototype direction of 3D frame design is adopted. In order to promote economic and social development in an all-round way, some areas that still have power shortage and no power residents have accelerated the development of small-scale wind power, increased investment in solving the problem of power supply for people in remote areas, and effectively promoted the further promotion of small-scale wind power. Small and medium-sized wind power generation has the characteristics of wide application of climatic conditions and wide suitable installation areas. The development of small and medium-sized wind farms saves the investment costs of cable laying, excavation and long-term construction. Especially in the vast areas without power, communication, industrial control and other fields, it has obvious market advantages over conventional power

the development prospect of China's wind power and other new energy power generation industries is very broad, and it is expected to maintain rapid development for a long time in the future, "Zimmermann said. With the localization of China's wind power equipment and the maturing of new technologies such as wind wind complementary system, the cost of small-scale wind power generation is expected to fall again, and the economic and social benefits will be improved. The market potential of small-scale wind power generation is huge. Small wind turbine related equipment manufacturing, small wind power technology research and development, wind circuit lamps and other fields have become investment hotspots, and the market prospect is promising

the report on investment analysis and Prospect Forecast of China's small wind power industry in has seven chapters. This paper first introduces the concept of wind energy, the principle and application of small-scale wind power, then analyzes the current situation of the wind power industry, and comprehensively introduces the development of the international and domestic small-scale wind power industry. Subsequently, the report made equipment technology analysis and operation status analysis of key enterprises for the small-scale wind power industry, and finally analyzed the investment potential and future prospects of the small-scale wind power industry

the data in this research report are mainly from the National Bureau of statistics, the Energy Bureau, the Ministry of finance, the CIC Consulting Industry Research Center, the CIC Consulting Market Research Center, the China Renewable Energy Association and key publications at home and abroad. The data are authoritative, detailed and rich. At the same time, the core development indicators of the industry are scientifically predicted through professional analysis and prediction models. If you or your company want to have a systematic understanding of the small wind power industry or want to invest in small wind power related industries, this report will be an indispensable and important tool for you

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