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Intel announces innovation incentive plan for AI partners on January 24, 2019, Intel officially announced the "innovation incentive plan for Intel AI partners" (AI incentive plan for short), and announced the first batch of 12 selected excellent innovation teams. In order to promote the application breakthrough and landing of artificial intelligence, Intel will make use of Intel's cloud to end full stack strength to jointly create a new ecological partner focusing on the development of organic chemical raw materials and new chemical materials, explore high-quality projects, stimulate AI innovation, and promote the integration and practice of artificial intelligence with all walks of life

Intel's "artificial intelligence partner innovation incentive plan"

Intel will discuss the application project plan with the selected innovation team, provide R & D funds, Intel hardware and software resources and optimize the technical framework, jointly formulate the market and promotion plan, connect the industrial ecological resources, and enable the innovation team to realize the product landing for different vertical industries faster

these innovation teams will adopt Intel's diversified AI technologies and product portfolio, including Intel Xeon extensible processor, intel core processor, Intel movidius myriad visual processing unit, Intel FPGA chip, Intel realsense technology, Intel MKL DNN, Intel openvino toolkit and other software and hardware, to create targeted landing solutions in combination with the rigid needs of the industry, It is widely used in smart cities, smart factories, smart healthcare, smart security, smart retail, smart education, smart finance and other fields

"as a data centric company, Intel actively promotes technological innovation and application breakthroughs in artificial intelligence." Lidesheng, managing director of Intel's China strategic cooperation and innovation business department and general director of Intel's innovation, said, "Intel, together with its innovation ecosystem partners, has incubated and accelerated thousands of excellent hard technology innovation projects over the past three years. This AI incentive plan is an important effort for Intel to continue to build an artificial intelligence innovation ecosystem. We are happy to continue to provide all-round support to these 12 selected excellent teams."

Liangyali, general manager of industry solutions Department of Intel marketing group in China, said: "These different AI innovation teams will specifically solve the pain points in different fields and different scenarios. However, no technology or platform is' one solution for all '. Intel has a unique cloud to end platform and leading technology, covering the core technologies and solutions of computing, storage and network software and hardware, which can effectively meet diverse application needs. Based on Intel's innovation strength and extensive industry customer resources , we will help these innovation teams accelerate the implementation of applications. "

for a long time, Intel has given full play to its own technological and ecological advantages. Through the artificial intelligence industry innovation alliance, it is a member that can be used to manufacture various bio based chemicals and materials (including plastics), an open innovation platform for artificial intelligence, and many platforms such as the digital Fair artificial intelligence global speed regulation range and the beam moving distance competition. It has incubated and cultivated many excellent artificial intelligence innovation teams. This incentive plan enables more innovation teams to join the Intel artificial intelligence innovation ecosystem. The following is a brief introduction to the first batch of 12 innovation teams selected into the AI incentive plan (in no order):

1 Shenzhen malonke has revolutionized the management process according to the requirements of listed companies. As an AI company providing computer vision technology services, it focuses on the application of commodity identification technology in the field of smart retail. Its retailai intelligent container 2.0 solution can support the real-time dynamic capture of users' taking and putting back actions, accurately identify and settle commodities, and create a new experience of intelligent retail under the condition of unrestricted placement of commodities

2. Shenzhen Liwei Zhilian Technology Co., Ltd. is a leading aiot solution provider. It provides products and solutions for intelligent public security, smart city and intelligent operation and maintenance based on core technologies such as AI defined hardware (brain like neural network and deep learning), full data access and enhanced analysis

3. Shenzhen Kunyun Information Technology Co., Ltd. is committed to providing artificial intelligence acceleration solutions for IOT. Kunyun technology can provide in-depth learning target positioning and de duplication integrated front-end solutions, as well as in-depth learning target positioning, de duplication, identification and structural analysis integrated edge end solutions. At present, it has been applied in aerospace, smart city, security, industry and other fields

4. Speed technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd. is a provider of visual navigation and positioning solutions, focusing on the field of smart factories. Its main products include embedded scene sensing cameras, high-precision positioning and navigation controllers, and high-precision robot mobile control platforms. Speed sensing technology is committed to using visual fusion technology to solve key application problems such as perception, positioning, navigation and planning of intelligent mobile devices and equipment in space

5. Beijing Zhiyuan huitu Technology Co., Ltd. is deeply engaged in the field of intelligent medicine. It is a company committed to providing ophthalmic medical big data services and artificial intelligence assisted diagnosis systems; Its eyewisdom ® The eye disease auxiliary diagnosis solution provides the ability to analyze and diagnose common blinding eye diseases efficiently, accurately and in real time, and can establish a perfect eye health management file for patients

6. Shanghai TIMI Robot Technology Co., Ltd. is a company that takes intelligent medical service robot as the carrier to provide intelligent hospital overall solutions for medical institutions. At present, its automatic distribution robot system, radionuclide treatment ward monitoring robot and intelligent disinfection robot have been put into use in more than 100 third class hospitals nationwide, effectively solving medical problems

7. Beijing Shenxing Technology Co., Ltd. has its own intellectual property rights AI machine vision core algorithm and multi-source big data system. Shenxing intelligent comprehensive solutions have been applied in smart police, smart city, safe campus and other fields to help schools, communities, enterprises and other customers solve relevant needs. At present, they have been applied in 17 provinces to varying degrees

8. Beijing Xiansheng Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. is an artificial intelligence company perpendicular to the field of intelligent education, focusing on the deep integration of AI technology and teaching scenarios, and upgrading the traditional education model. We have independently developed solutions for oral evaluation, writing correction, adaptive learning, intelligent dialogue and emotion recognition technology

9. Zhujian Intelligent Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. is committed to the research and development of dialogue robots and industry solutions with emotion recognition capability by means of in-depth learning, emotion computing, semantic understanding, computer vision and other technologies. At present, the products of virtual customer assistant, virtual enterprise assistant, virtual personal assistant, artificial intelligence customer contact center and multi-modal interactive system created by Zhujian intelligence have been applied to the fields of smart finance, retail, education, government affairs, etc

10. Shanghai Sudan Information Technology Co., Ltd. (Alfa Finance) focuses on the field of intelligent finance. It is an intelligent investment ecosystem with artificial intelligence, machine learning and data analysis as the core. It provides institutional customers with intelligent investment research, investment optimization and other services. Through analyzing customer behavior, it achieves personalized information, asset management, risk control, investment consulting, etc

11. Ruishi Zhijue (Xiamen) Technology Co., Ltd. focuses on the computer vision application and chip level acceleration technology of artificial intelligence, and provides image information analysis and system services. The AI image/video content analysis system based on FPGA computing platform developed by insight can be widely used in massive data processing business scenarios such as Internet data supervision departments, live broadcast/social platform value-added services

12. Shanghai Vision Sensor Technology Co., Ltd. is a computer vision company engaged in the development of the underlying technology of spatial perception and cognition (vslam+ai), focusing on providing high-precision position tracking, navigation, obstacle avoidance, object recognition and other high-speed (100fps) end processing vSLAM integrated solutions to ar/vr/mr, robots, AGV and other fields

bringing together all-round resources such as technology, capital, ecology, market and industry, Intel will work with these excellent innovation teams to find out the actual pain points through the "Ai partner innovation incentive plan", so that AI can bring unique solutions for different scenarios to the field from creativity, demonstration projects, small samples to mass production. At present, artificial intelligence is still in its infancy. Intel not only focuses on the present, but also continues to lead future computing innovation, lay the cornerstone of innovation and multi computing, and continuously promote the development of artificial intelligence and scientific and technological innovation

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on January 24, 2014, Intel officially announced the "Intel AI partner innovation incentive plan" (AI incentive plan for short), and announced the first batch of 12 selected excellent innovation teams. In order to promote the application breakthrough and implementation of artificial intelligence, Intel will make use of Intel's cloud to end full stack strength to work with innovative ecological partners to explore high-quality projects, stimulate AI innovation and promote

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