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Iphone8/mate10/note8 disagree with each other. Who is the new generation of machine king

last night, Samsung officially released another flagship product, Galaxy note 8. We can almost have no suspense that it will become this year's Android king, and the only unconvinced possibility is Huawei

of course, if we put it in the whole intelligent field, Apple will also show whether the oil in the oil storage tank is full or not

in terms of products, Huawei has confirmed that it will release mate 10 in Germany on October 16, and Apple's new iPhone will officially debut before mid September if nothing unexpected happens

what is special about these two new models? Insiders @ Mocha RQ disclosed relevant information on Weibo today

@ Mocha RQ said that the iPhone 8 will adopt a full screen + structured light design, but there is still a mystery about fingerprint recognition

as for this suspense, most of the news in the industry thinks that Apple will directly cut off the fingerprint recognition function and use face recognition instead. On the contrary, it is believed that Apple pay is currently designed based on fingerprint recognition. If Apple cut off the touch rashly and how to express ch ID in a simple, intuitive and visual way for the abstract concept, it would be a disaster for Apple pay, which is still in the promotion period, and Apple should not give up lightly

The message of

mate 10 is relatively clear, @ Mocha RQ said that it will adopt a comprehensive screen design, use optical fingerprint identification in the screen, and AI technology. If so, mate 10 does have a chance to compete for the throne of Android king

vivo xplay 7 is also exposed. It is also a comprehensive screen + on-screen fingerprint design, but the principle of screen fingerprint is ultrasonic, which is different from Huawei's scheme. In addition, xplay 7 is also innovative in taking pictures (1) generally in the temperature range from 10 ℃ to (3) 5 ℃

however, @ Mocha RQ also said that Huawei is also doing ultrasonic on-screen fingerprinting, and vivo is also doing optics. It is still uncertain which one will greatly increase the capacity of on-screen fingerprint identification

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