Do you believe that the hottest lithium battery ca

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Do you believe that lithium batteries can last for 20 years

a small company called City laboratory near Miami launched the first commercial tritium lithium battery, called nano tritium. The lithium battery is only the size of a thumb, but its life span is as long as 20 years. It can be used in the temperature range of minus 50 to 150 degrees Celsius, and it can still work normally under the pressure and oscillation that lithium batteries usually cannot accept

and the more valuable part of this lithium battery is that the tritium reserves in the world are less than 25 pounds (11 thousand plus 15 grams of affordable cooling system and power supply (V):220 ± 10 points)

the company signed a contract with the US Air Force in 2010 to develop long-term lithium batteries that can also be used in computers, aircraft, unmanned aerial vehicles, sensors and radar systems. Now the nano tritium developed has entered the period of commodity circulation

the operating principle of tritium lithium battery is to release energy through the decay of tritium atoms, and because the decay products are helium and electrons, there is no safety problem at all. Electrons cannot even penetrate human skin. In many places, such as campuses and sub fields, tritium has been used in lighting equipment in order to improve the security level of aircraft and other public places during the "1035" period

because the half-life of tritium exceeds 12 years, the validity period of tritium lithium battery can be as long as decades. Therefore, it can be used in military and industry, such as underwater sensors, satellite power supplies, medical implants, etc

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