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Shanxi: do a good job in power demand side management from five aspects. The notice points out that it is necessary to strictly assess the power demand side objectives of power enterprises; It is necessary to build a DSM service system, led by Shanxi provincial comprehensive energy service company, with the participation of relevant electric energy service enterprises and the connection department of the hydraulic system of the 3 hydraulic universal material testing machine of the electric power company, to establish Shanxi electric energy service industry alliance, so as to promote the benign and sustainable development of the electric energy service industry in the whole province; We should improve the function of the "big data" platform of provincial power demand side management, focus on the construction of the "hub center" of power data, determine their joking position, improve the interconnection between the main station and sub stations, information interaction and sharing, data classification and statistics, data analysis and display, power consumption decision support, enterprise platform and provincial platform docking standards and processes, and establish a more strict, convenient and efficient provincial platform operation mechanism; We should continue to promote the construction of electric energy monitoring system in industrial enterprises. In principle, independent power enterprises that participate in the direct trading of electric power in our province with serious leakage should complete the construction of the system by the end of 2018. The experimental speed applicable to ul859 swing angle is 25 times/minute (settable), and the tacit speed is 20 times/minute; We should strengthen the construction of comprehensive capacity of power demand side management

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