Do as the Romans do, Sany presents Russian localiz

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"Do as the Romans do" Sany presents Russian localization strategy

"do as the Romans do" Sany presents Russian localization before operating this machine strategy

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the Russian market is as difficult to develop as the vast frozen soil in this country, and the localization strategy is a sharp weapon to melt the frozen soil

"it mainly includes product localization and talent localization." Zhang chongke said that the weather in Russia is cold and the temperature is low. The products sold to Russia have been improved according to the local characteristics. Even in extremely cold weather, the machine can start smoothly. "Sany has excellent quality, extremely low failure rate, and all used products are good." Zhang chongke believes that this is also an inevitable factor for Sany to break through the Russian market

many Russian faces can be seen in the Sany exhibition area of this CTT exhibition. They are all employees of Sany. Recruiting localized employees, such as marketing personnel and service personnel, can integrate into this market faster. But the most important thing is to develop agents throughout the country. In this year's CTT exhibition, six new agents were signed on site, which increased the number of Sany agents in Russia to 14, compared with only two before Zhang chongke took office. Zhang chongke divided the Russian market into two and developed agents centered on cities. Developed regions have one or two agents in one state, while less developed regions develop one agent in one or two states

accessory supply is an important factor determining customer satisfaction. With the breakpoint ratio setting page leading to a breakthrough in sales, the system construction of parts warehouse is also on the agenda. If all accessories are placed in each warehouse, the inventory is too large, which is also a pressure for agents. The inventory is too small, and some accessories cannot be delivered in time. Sending express delivery from home is too expensive. "Spare parts warehouse pool" is an idea put forward by Zhang chongke, that is, Sany will establish a large-scale first-class warehouse in Moscow, the economic center of Russia, and a small-scale second-class warehouse at the agency. The second-class inventory of spare parts will be focused on according to local conditions, and will not be repeated as much as possible, and will accept the deployment of the first-class warehouse. "The warehouse is like a pool, which meets the demand with as little inventory as possible and exchanges what is needed." Now the primary warehouse in Moscow has been basically completed

in addition, local brand building is also accelerating. Participating in CTT exhibition is an important measure. In addition, Sany will promote products according to local conditions and publicize them through regional professional media. In terms of stations, we will also cooperate with local companies to produce Russian language stations in the field of new materials according to the habits of local people

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