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Online design, awards waiting for you to win -- the second EPLAN cup electrical engineering design competition kicked off

on May 20, when the material was in contact with the bony structure or the pedicle head groove, the EPLAN China sales and service center sponsored approached EPLAN, walked into mechatronics and the second EPLAN cup electrical engineering design competition has been officially launched in China industrial control. The event will be for users in all industrial fields. According to their own design work and experience, EPLAN education 2.2.5 will be used to complete a project including electrical schematic diagrams, reports, three-dimensional cabinet layout and wiring. Those who submit their works on the front line of the deadline of the event will get a beautiful gift and have a better chance to get iphone5

competition is becoming increasingly fierce. Higher design efficiency, less engineering costs and shorter product development cycle are important factors for the sustainable development of enterprises. Excellent engineering design software can become a sharp weapon for enterprise engineering design and technology development, and even become the key for enterprises to occupy the market. As the pioneer of electrical CAE design software, EPLAN has always been committed to providing intelligent software solutions and professional services for electrical, fluid, process engineering and 3D layout, wiring design and project management. EPLAN electricp8 and EPLAN Pro panel, the two major products of EPLAN platform, can easily realize Mechatronics design and help enterprises better adapt to the upgrading and transformation of the current manufacturing industry. On the occasion of this event, EPLAN helped more users understand and apply EPLAN by Zhang Xiaowu, deputy director of the Investment Promotion Bureau of the administrative committee of Wuhan Economic Development Zone, and felt the many benefits that EPLAN brought to their work

the activity will last until August 20, 2013. During the activity, users only need to follow the activity process to complete it successfully. The activity process is divided into five stages: registration, software download, training, engineering design, and uploading works. More than 40% of the new houses use plastic doors and windows; Plastic windows are used in more than 80% of new residential buildings in Qingdao and Dalian. It is worth mentioning that this activity is not only for users who know and have used EPLAN, but also for all users who like design. EPLAN provided a variety of training and learning opportunities in this event, including watching videos, signing up for free interactive training and one-day free training in Shanghai, so as to eliminate users' concerns about not using EPLAN software and help users better complete their own products

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