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Do distributed photovoltaic projects not occupy scale indicators

do distributed photovoltaic projects not occupy scale indicators? Before answering this question, let's first understand what is distributed photovoltaic

I. definition of distributed photovoltaic

since the concept of distributed photovoltaic was put forward, its concept and connotation have been changing

according to the notice on printing and distributing the Interim Measures for the management of distributed photovoltaic power generation projects (Guo Neng Xin Neng [2013] No. 433), photovoltaic power generation facilities are built and operated at or near the user's site, which are mainly for the spontaneous self use of the user side, and the excess electricity is characteristic of the balance adjustment of the distribution system. This is the initial definition of distributed photovoltaic

in 2014, the National Energy Administration issued the notice of the National Energy Administration on further implementing the relevant policies of distributed photovoltaic power generation, which jointly researched and developed the forklift hydrostatic system suitable for China's national conditions (Guo Neng Xin Neng [2014] No. 406). The article proposed that "for the distributed photovoltaic power generation project constructed by using the building roof and its affiliated sites, one of the modes of" spontaneous self use, residual power "or" full payment "can be selected when the project is filed. Can impact tests be carried out on the ground or using agricultural greenhouses and other non power consumption facilities with 350 million energy machines? Photovoltaic power station projects with voltage levels of kV and below (66kV and below in Northeast China), a single project capacity of no more than 20000 kW, and the generated power is mainly consumed in the radio area of the combined substation, are included in the management of distributed photovoltaic power generation scale indicators, and the electricity price on the local photovoltaic power station benchmark is implemented. " This is the extended definition

then, in the notice of the state power company on printing and distributing the management rules of distributed power generation and service (Guodian marketing [2014] No. 174), the state power company defined distributed power generation as:

class I: distributed power generation with a voltage level of less than 10 kV and a total installed capacity of a single parallel point of no more than 6 MW

class II: distributed power supply with 35 kV voltage level and annual self use of more than 50%; Or 10 kV voltage level access, and the total installed capacity of a single point is more than 6 MW, and the annual spontaneous self consumption is more than 50%

the first category represents roof distributed photovoltaic projects, and the second category represents ground distributed photovoltaic projects

second, distributed photovoltaic projects that are not limited by scale indicators

after understanding the definition of distributed photovoltaic, are distributed photovoltaic projects not limited by scale indicators? The answer is No

according to the guiding opinions on improving the scale management of photovoltaic power generation and implementing competitive allocation projects (fgny [2016] No. 1163), photovoltaic projects are divided into three types of management according to the type and scale of photovoltaic power generation projects, connection conditions and consumption scope, and the role of promoting technological progress

type I

unlimited scale photovoltaic power generation types and regions

1) projects constructed by using fixed building roofs, walls and ancillary places; All ground photovoltaic projects for self use

2) carry out photovoltaic power generation market trading pilot projects in combination with power reform

yield value plays a very important role in material mechanical property experiments. 3) photovoltaic poverty alleviation village power stations and centralized power stations

class II

ordinary photovoltaic projects

1) centralized photovoltaic power stations

2) ground distributed photovoltaic power stations

class III

photovoltaic power generation leads the technology base

among them, 1) in class I is completely free of scale indicators, and all regions can accept project filing at any time, and then enjoy state subsidies. Although 2) and 3) of the first category are classified as the first category in the document, which are not limited to the types and regions of photovoltaic power generation, these two kinds of photovoltaic projects need to strive for the relevant indicators issued by the state if they want to receive state subsidies

both the second and third categories need scale indicators and need to be configured in a competitive way

therefore, combined with the definition of distributed photovoltaic and the guiding opinions on improving the scale management of photovoltaic power generation and implementing the configuration project of competitive mode (fgy [2016] No. 1163), the project of building roofs, walls and ancillary sites in the world's largest aluminum lithium alloy production plant established by Gu Alcoa in Lafayette is a distributed photovoltaic project that is not limited by scale indicators, At present, it is mainly represented by roof distributed photovoltaic projects, such as household roof distributed photovoltaic projects and industrial plant roof distributed photovoltaic projects, while ground distributed photovoltaic projects are limited by scale indicators and should be configured by competitive methods

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