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Automatic die-cutting machine 6 minutes for a die-cutting board, do you believe it

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core tip: Although the conventional full-automatic flat pressing and general configuration is not as good as the high-end configuration die-cutting machine, the time to replace the template is about 40 minutes. If you take the correct way to change the time can be controlled to about 6 minutes, it can be seen that the rapid template replacement method of the full-automatic die-cutting machine can greatly improve the production efficiency. This paper aims to introduce a practical method for rapid die change of full-automatic die-cutting machine

the conventional full-automatic flat pressing die-cutting machine does not have a fast mold base, so two mold bases must be used to use the fast mold base. The specific use methods are as follows: the template is divided into a template and B template

1 When the production of a template is completed, pull out the a template and insert it into the quick mold change base

2. Put the B template into the equipment and install the template

3. After installation, start to debug the production parameters of the B template, wait for normal production, then start to remove the a template, and then install the C template. In this way, cycle the template replacement

Figure 1: pull out the a template

Figure 2: pull out the a template, and then push the B template into the

Figure 3: the quick mold change base adopts the overturning method, two layers up and down

doing two mold bases in this way is conducive to replacing the mold, directly reducing the time of mold installation and disassembly. The disassembly action is all converted to the production process, greatly reducing the time of mold replacement

of course, to achieve a faster mode change, we need to solve the pressure problem. The machine is often adjusted slowly, and the pressure is adjusted most of the time

II. 2 major tools to solve pressure problems

1 Adopt multiple die-cutting base plates

multiple die-cutting base plates can be prepared. If the company has relatively few products, it can be considered that it is easy to control each product to prepare a die-cutting base plate. 3. A device that can accurately describe the stress-strain curve There is a close relationship between the tensile value and the gauge distance in the tensile sample. For example, the constant extension stress of the sample requires measuring the force value of the sample stretching to the given elongation, while the constant stress requires measuring the gauge distance of the sample stretching to the given stress After the experiment, the accurate stress-strain curve can reproduce the experimental process and clearly reflect the values of each experimental section, which is convenient for calculating the items required by the experiment The same die-cutting base plate is used to ensure that the pressure is so low from beginning to end, and the stress surface of the formwork is consistent

2. Use the pressure die

when debugging the die-cutting pressure for the first time, pad the pressure die under the bottom die. As long as it is adjusted once, the bottom die plate and the pressure film form a set of pressure system. Therefore, as long as the die-cutting pressure remains the same as that of the last time, the die-cutting pressure does not need to be adjusted this time

Figure 4: pressure film

Figure 5: pressure film storage

through the transformation of three aspects, the production efficiency of the full-automatic die-cutting machine can be greatly improved: for example, it takes 40 minutes to change the mold every time, and it takes about 200 minutes to change it five times a day. If we make improvements, it only takes 6 minutes each time, 5 times a day, and 30 minutes. Then =170 minutes can be saved every day, and 170*30=5100 minutes can be saved every month. However, we only need some experimental instruments for construction engineering, colleges, seminars and so on, which are imported from abroad. 5100 minutes is equivalent to a week's working time of a unit, which is the value of rapid die change

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