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Polypropylene industry: do a good job before increasing demand

in the first half of 2012, the operation of polypropylene industry, like other industries, has withstood the severe test of weak downstream demand, reduced orders, insufficient enterprise operation and declining benefits. From January to April, the situation of slight consolidation was basically maintained, the market demand was flat, and a few additives were added. Polypropylene raw materials rose all the way. Polypropylene fiber rose slightly with raw materials, the sales pressure of enterprises increased, and the price difference between products and raw materials gradually narrowed. In May, polypropylene fell with the rapid decline of raw oil prices. Polypropylene fiber enterprises entered the off-season ahead of schedule and it was even weaker than in previous years

the sluggish demand for polypropylene has led to a cold market.

polypropylene production is highly related to crude oil. From January to April this year, polypropylene raw material oscillated slightly upward, while crude oil oscillated at a high level. Supported by costs, petrochemical factory quotations increased slightly, but due to insufficient downstream demand, there are not many orders from manufacturers, which has little effect on the market

in May, the polypropylene pellet market fell sharply, and the demand continued to be depressed. Affected by the sharp decline in crude oil and propylene monomer, the market cost support weakened, the petrochemical ex factory quotation fell, and the market price continued to fall. By mid month, the quotation of wire drawing materials in East China fell sharply to 10600 yuan ~10750 yuan/ton. At the end of May, the market rebounded slightly, the market mentality was pessimistic, the downstream factories maintained replenishment on demand, and the overall trading atmosphere was cold

in June, the polypropylene pellet market continued to be weak, and the market reported 7.2.2. The prices of all items in the type inspection items, including the technical requirements, fell slightly. At the beginning of the month, affected by the continuous decline of crude oil and propylene monomers, the market mentality was depressed, and the prices of merchants fell rapidly. The wire drawing materials in East China fell from 10800~10900 yuan/ton to around 10600 yuan/ton. Then, driven by the rise of sex futures, the market mentality improved, and the prices stopped falling until the middle of the month, The drawing material in East China is 10550~10600 yuan/ton. On the whole, the continuous downturn in demand is the main factor restricting the market

From January to April, polypropylene fiber continued its weak operation at the end of 2011. The market trading atmosphere was extremely light, and the quotations of various products remained stable. Affected by the continuous rise of raw materials, the quotation of some products increased slightly, of which the mainstream quotation of 1.5 staple fiber rose to 13000 yuan to 13500 yuan/ton; The price of polypropylene filament FDY 900D rose to 14500 yuan to 15000 yuan/ton; The price of 35d polypropylene elastic fiber was slightly adjusted to around 17200 yuan ~17500 yuan/ton, and the industrial price of 1000D polypropylene fiber operated smoothly, maintaining at 15200 yuan/ton

in May and June, polypropylene fiber market was weak and downward, downstream demand remained weak, manufacturers' orders were insufficient, and the market quotation gradually fell due to the continuous decline of upstream raw materials. Among them, the mainstream quotation of 1.5 staple fiber fell by 200 ~400 yuan/ton to 12000 ~12300 yuan/ton, and some high-end to 12500 such environmental protection materials were mainly composed of plant cellulose nanocrystals of 12700 yuan/ton; The mainstream quotation of polypropylene filament FDY 900D remains at 14500 yuan to 15000 yuan/ton. The price of polypropylene elastic yarn 35d fell by 300-400 yuan/ton to 16700-17000 yuan/ton. The off-season sales entered ahead of schedule. The orders of the downstream Jinan test spring support and hanger testing machine decreased, the operating rate of the enterprise was low, and the sales volume fell continuously. In June, it fell by another 20% compared with May

it is difficult to be optimistic about the growth benefit of the market operation profit margin

according to the basic situation statistics of the national chemical fiber industry from January to may 2012 by the National Bureau of statistics, the national chemical fiber output was 15.5094 million tons, with a year-on-year increase of 15.16%. The output of polypropylene fiber was 124300 tons, with a year-on-year increase of 12.22% (Statistics of 57 enterprises above Designated Size). According to the statistics of Enterprises above the scale of polypropylene fiber in the past two years, polypropylene fiber is a variety with rapid growth in synthetic fiber, and the growth rate of polypropylene fiber in synthetic fiber is second only to nylon

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