Do you know how to choose a better oil for constru

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Do you know how to choose a better oil for construction machinery

do you know how to choose a better oil for construction machinery

China Construction machinery information

Mr. Tan Ming

yafuton China Sales Director

graduated from Sichuan University in 1999, majoring in polymer materials and engineering. He joined Castrol lubricants in 2001 to engage in technical work, Ciba Specialty Chemicals in Switzerland in 2005 to engage in sales work, and yafuton in the United States in 2006. Mr. Tan Ming is a well-known expert with a global vision and a deep understanding of the Chinese market and the development of private lubricant enterprises

Mr. Chen Ligong

honorary tutor of lubtop2018 general evaluation list

Dr. Chen Ligong has been engaged in the teaching and scientific research of lubricating chemistry and new lubricating materials for a long time, and once served as the deputy director, senior colonel, professor and doctoral supervisor of the Department of military oil application and management engineering of the PLA Logistics Engineering College; He is also the chief engineer of many well-known enterprises, President and general manager of the Research Institute. Since 2017, he has been employed as a professor of Chongqing Industrial and Commercial University. He has undertaken projects such as the National Natural Science Foundation, won the second prize of the national scientific and technological progress award and the first prize of the military scientific and technological progress award, published 86 papers and won 13 national invention patents

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"lubtop2018 annual general evaluation list of China's lubricating oil industry, China's lubricating oil industry summit forum and selection of outstanding people in the automotive aftermarket" is a grand gathering of China's lubricating oil industry entering a new era, and an industry wealth creation Forum with high-level participation, strong recognition capacity of guests and cross-border integration and interaction, It is a smart feast that has an important impact on the development of products without universal material testing machines in China's lubricant industry. At that time, industry leaders, leading experts, CEOs of well-known enterprises, GM, leaders of enterprises winning the lubtop general evaluation list and many other guests from the Chinese and foreign lubricant industry chain will gather in Shanghai to participate in another 10 point stable event of chemical structure, which will lead industry insiders to make more and more in-depth thinking about China's lubricant industry and actively promote the healthy development of the lubricant industry

different films from lubto have different impact resistance energy. P2018 general review list ceremony

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