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Uncover the secret! Do you know how much paper is used in a box of cigarettes

On March 5, Chu Shijian, the former chairman of Yunnan Hongta Group Co., Ltd. and Yuxi Hongta Tobacco (Group) Co., Ltd. and the founder of Chu Cheng, died at the age of 91

as the most legendary entrepreneur in China, Chu Shijian was once a famous "tobacco king" in China. Chu Shijian was over half a century old when he took over the Yuxi cigarette factory in October 1979. He spent 17 years to build Yuxi cigarette factory, which is short of funds, backward in technology and has suffered losses for years, into Hongta Group, a large-scale group enterprise ranking first in Asia and fifth in the world, and become the largest tax and profit producer in the country. Chu Shijian also became the "number one smoking king in Asia"

when it comes to cigarettes, everyone is no stranger. A box of cigarettes looks like a small one, but there are many "parts" and the manufacturing process can also be said to be very complex. Today, let's talk about cigarette paper. Let's count together. This small box of cigarettes uses several kinds of paper. What's the role of paper -

cigarette packaging film

this packaging film is the transparent cellophane on the outside of the cigarette box. In fact, it's not really paper in the sense, but it's also popularly called "plastic paper"

the transparent paper is made of biaxially oriented polypropylene film, also known as BOPP film. Its production is that the melt of polymer polypropylene is first made into sheet or thick film through a long and narrow machine head, and then stretched in two vertical directions (longitudinal and transverse) simultaneously or step by step in a special stretching machine at a certain temperature and a set speed, and the film is made after appropriate cooling or heat treatment or special processing (such as corona, coating, etc.)

cigarette box wrapping paper

the paper of this packing box is relatively ordinary, which is generally white cardboard on a white background, but it has done a lot of surface treatment, so it also belongs to a kind of art paper, some are pearlescent paper, some are Yafen paper, etc. Some may be white card plus UV, scalding 5, gap between mixing blade and mixing material pocket and side wall, gold, film coating and other surface treatments

lined aluminum foil paper

the first thing we see after opening the cigarette box is the glittering aluminum foil paper. As the lining paper of cigarettes, aluminum foil paper mainly includes calendered aluminum foil paper and aluminized paper. Composite aluminum foil has become a material with development potential. Its high barrier and corrosion resistance to light, air and water effectively protect cigarettes from external natural factors

the aluminum foil inside the cigarette box has two main functions: one is to preserve the fragrance. Aluminum foil paper can prevent the cigarette flavor from emitting, and at the same time avoid the cigarette flavor from eroding other items; Second, mold prevention. Aluminum foil paper can resist moisture and effectively prevent moisture, so as to avoid mildew of cigarettes in a humid environment

filter rod roll paper

filter rod roll paper is the paper used to wrap the cigarette filter tip, which requires high air permeability and water resistance. In order to breathe, the paper is usually filled with fine pinholes. This layer of paper is between the nozzle paper and the filter tip

nozzle paper

a layer of nozzle paper needs to be wrapped outside the filter rod roll paper. Because the filter tip is in direct contact with the nozzle, it is called nozzle paper. Its main colors are imitation cork and white, also known as tipping paper (because this paper was born in Japan, and its color is similar to the skin of a local plant - tipping)

after all, the mouth paper is directly contained in the mouth, so it must have a certain water resistance and wet strength, otherwise it is difficult to imagine the experience of having a ball of pulp in the mouth without two bites. In recent years, tipping paper technology has developed rapidly. Electrostatic and laser perforated tipping paper have developed rapidly, and the latter is more likely to become the key development direction in the future. In addition, some cigarette factories are thinking about the anti-counterfeiting of tipping paper

cigarette paper

cigarette paper is the paper that wraps cut tobacco. Because the finished cigarette paper is disc-shaped, it is also called tray paper. It is made of hemp pulp or mixed with natural fibers such as wood pulp and fillers such as calcium carbonate, and some are added with a small amount of additives, while ordinary paper is mainly made of wood pulp

cigarette paper can be divided into ribbed cigarette paper and non ribbed cigarette paper. The lines on ribbed cigarette paper are horizontal and vertical. Their main function is to improve the appearance and increase the air permeability. Cigarette paper belongs to special industrial paper, and its production process and quality requirements are much higher than those of ordinary paper, especially in terms of natural permeability, flammability, strength and so on

(PS: I don't know if you have noticed that the width of the paper tray is not as long as a cigarette. How can it be rolled? In fact, in the process of cigarette making, the paper tray is used vertically, and the width of the paper tray can be used for more than 100000 times is exactly the circumference of a cigarette, which is an internationally unified standard)

cigarettes are mixed with "paper"

the last kind of tobacco is modified in the experimental scheme after using certain parameters. Didn't you think of it, The paper mentioned here is not the real paper we usually say, but a kind of tobacco flake. Some people may have heard the false statement that "cut tobacco mixed with paper", in fact, they just misunderstood the reconstituted tobacco as "paper". Reconstituted tobacco leaf is the raw material of thin tobacco products formed and reconstituted from tobacco leaf, tobacco stalk and other raw materials through relevant processes, and finally forms a sheet similar to the shape of paper. Its processing and manufacturing process is physical change rather than chemical change

to sum up, a box of cigarettes uses a total of seven materials, each of which has an irreplaceable effect on cigarettes. In fact, the main function of materials used in all cigarettes is to reduce the energy-saving effect of plastic water supply pipes, which can reach 50%, reduce the loss of aroma and moisture changes of tobacco products, and facilitate storage, transportation and sales

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