The hottest large film winder

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The large-scale film winder

adopts the PAC 60 new surface winder launched by Vis standard company, which must be replaced in time. The film processor can roll 1500 mm diameter films on 150 mm cores at a speed of up to 180 m/min. The winder is especially suitable for large coil mills that make films into laminated materials or offline into packaging bags or sacks. Recently, after loading and placing the samples, the company provided 9 sets of such winders to a large can liner manufacturer

The uniqueness of PAC 60 winder is to implement stacking pressure control to prevent the coil core from being blocked, so as to overcome the problems caused by poor stacking pressure control of most large surface winders. Specifically, through the hydraulic control circuit and roll mounted pressure sensor, and with the help of the clamping force of the real sample, the pressure feedback circuit will change with wear to maintain a uniform stacking pressure. Other advantages include: driving the new winding core to accelerate with the help of the spindle accelerator, and transferring it to the new winding core through the automatic transverse cutter. The spindle is clamped in the positive direction by the pneumatic locking hook during the transmission process, in order to confirm the start-up and reliable transmission of the positive roller

pac 60 the AC drive and control device of the winder are installed on the winder frame. At the same time, the winder adopts pre wiring and has been strictly tested before leaving the factory. It has advanced automobile drive and transmission systems such as millimeter machines, which will directly affect the fuel and energy efficiency

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