Avaya launches new edge Partner Program

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Avaya launched a new "edge" partner program

Avaya's new edge partner program helps achieve greater returns, meet higher requirements, and fully meet the needs of digital business

Beijing, November 3, 2016 -- Avaya recently announced the launch of a new optimized channel program, which aims to help partners step up to a new level of business and achieve greater success in the field of software and services. At the same time, through the realization of outstanding value to highlight the customer-centric enterprise philosophy, and bring more generous returns to partners. Avaya edge's new program will help achieve mutual profitability, ensure that partners have the required expertise, and provide their customers with the solutions they need in the digital market

the key elements of the plan include:

simplified structure: optimized standards and a new diamond, gem and emerald classification mechanism, which not only significantly reduces the complexity, but also helps partners properly manage the cooperation plan with more streamlined resources. For example, Avaya edge reduced the time required for partners to complete certification by 50% and the performance indicators of joint delivery by 56%

expand Revenue: partners can now earn returns through a wider range of revenue activities, including not only hardware/product sales, but also common services and software. In addition, the new incentive mechanism also provides partners with rich returns in terms of strategic achievements, including customer value improvement, development and new product promotion

higher flexibility: the structure of the new plan has been optimized and adjusted to fully meet the needs of rapidly changing industries, customers and partners. Among them, the carefully launched five partner tracking mechanism and its market promotion mode are in perfect agreement with the current development needs of high-efficiency, low pollution and low emission. The revenue target and profit return of the corresponding partners can be determined according to different geographical locations until the samples are destroyed

the new plan came into effect on October 1st, 2016. In order to successfully realize the transformation, we will evaluate the existing authorized partners according to the standards of the original plan and the current plan at the same time, and reward them according to the higher rating level of the two standards in the first six months

the advantages of the channel plan depend on how much success it can promote partners to achieve, and whether it can recognize and commend partners' excellent ability to serve customers. This means that the relevant plans need to achieve a high degree of flexibility within the supporting structure, and simplify the requirements to the most core and basic level. I think the newly launched Avaya edge program just has the above characteristics, which can help our channel partners win market share through transformation with the support of Avaya

close the oil return valve Steve Biondi, vice president and head of global channels of Avaya

just like many organizations operating in a rapidly evolving environment today, Avaya is also constantly updating the channel partner program and is committed to making the program more in line with the requirements of the software and service fields. The company cooperates with key partners (including Avaya partner community committee) to ensure that partners keep abreast of the latest development plans and feedback. Open communication is indispensable, which helps ensure that the new edge program continues to improve and achieve greater success. Telanet and PCC Americas are very proud to be the first to participate in this important process

Dan Silverman, chairman of PCC Americas and President of telanet Canada

the newly launched Avaya edge program enables partners to differentiate in the channel field according to their own strength and ability, thereby improving channel value

John Lyons, President and CEO of convergeone

the communication industry is further developing into a software based operation mode, and the era of customized PBX has come to an end. Manufacturers using channels as the main market channel must be committed to helping partners transform, so as to fully meet the needs of their customers. Avaya's new edge program is an excellent example of how manufacturers promote the repositioning of partners. By tracking the process of industrial change and actively responding to customer feedback, Avaya can promote the development of its projects. Avaya is helping partners better compete and differentiate

current analysis chief analyst of collaboration and communications Tim Banting

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