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Avaya won the North American Customer Value Leadership Award for its contact center routing technology. According to the CTI Forum on August 28 (compiler/old Qin), Avaya announced that it had won the 2017 North American Customer Value Leadership Award from frost Sullivan, an industry analysis company, in recognition of its achievements in connecting and routing at the same time. This award is the result of extensive evaluation of many benchmark standards, and represents Avaya's leadership and innovation as a contact center routing technology supplier

in this report, frost Sullivan pointed out many challenges faced by enterprises in providing customer service. This includes the complexity of purchasing goods and services, as well as the complexity of using multiple purchase channels (mobile, email, voice, and in store). Busy customers are less tolerant of inefficient services, such as long waiting, multiple transfers, and the need for repeated information when transferring between channels and personnel, etc. Most importantly, customers expect quality service

when choosing the technology to provide customer service, the analysis company wrote:

enterprises pursue high value from contact center routing solutions. Applications must work perfectly, be flexible and scalable, and be easy to integrate with existing enterprise technologies. The solution must have rich characteristics, and have half a step ahead of innovation. Finally, routing solution providers must have certain financial resources and have an in-depth understanding of the needs and directions of enterprises based on their market experience

in the conclusion, frost Sullivan said:

Avaya has always been the leader in developing innovative, reliable and scalable connection routes. About 55% of CFRP is prepared from PAN based carbon fibers. Avaya has shifted its products from voice, hardware and locally deployed solutions to automatic, real-time agent omni-channel, 4 Computer software based product direction transformation that can be used in the cloud. Recognizing that customer service does not always mean a contact center, Avaya can connect customers with wahas (home-based seats), small and medium-sized enterprises (industry experts) and other employees. Finally, Avaya has been taking the necessary financial measures to provide the resources established in its product line, so as to provide greater value to customers

the challenge of customer experience faced by the company has risen to the senior management, which is why it is the leading factor driving the digital transformation. These challenges are unlikely to be completely eliminated by the widest use of glass fibers, but will evolve into responses to changing trends and customer expectations. Similarly, the complexity of contact routing will also change. Therefore, Avaya will continue to provide unparalleled contact routing technology, change customers' journey, promote loyalty, growth and profitability, and provide the best customer experience at the same time. Gary rnett, senior vice president and general manager of Avaya engagement solutions, commented

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