Avaya's subscription model is booming

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Avaya's subscription model is "booming"

translated by Lao Qin Ye

CTI Forum () news on June 11 (compiled/Lao Qin): a McKinsey survey of it decision makers shows that 82% of enterprise leaders prefer to buy local software through subscription mode. The same McKinsey research also found that 90% of enterprises are transitioning to or considering migrating to subscription mode. The reason for this is not only financial problems. Steve Brock, director of Avaya subscription marketing, told UC today in a recent interview

avaya subscription consumption mode first appeared before millions of workers were forced to leave remote offices. Brock said that it was the main driving force to help organizations enable remote workers and expand business continuity. The investment required by these systems is not easy to be subscription based, and they have created real improvements in corporate communication and collaboration capabilities. They want to innovate when needed, not just when there is a budget, Brock added

Brock continued his thinking, saying that Avaya customers use a new model to modernize communication - not only to provide secure remote staff communication, but also to improve their customer experience through additional functions such as customer self-service and journey mapping

according to Avaya's recent financial report, Avaya's subscription volume increased by nearly 100% over the previous quarter. Brock stressed that customers are also increasingly concerned about business continuity. He believes that Avaya's subscription mode is a major measure for enterprises that want to keep up-to-date communication to avoid potential interruption caused by the use of outdated software to restart the lower jaw motor to adjust the lower jaw and improve safety

he said: Avaya subscription replaces a large amount of upfront fees with smaller monthly or annual payments, so as to ensure that customers always have the latest software and equipment. He added:

because Avaya subscription uses the same pricing model for Cloud Services - customers can add relevant functions as needed, This is an important step for them to continue to increase the injection pressure to reduce the shrinkage of products and move towards cloud computing

we are now living in a new reality, which has brought a series of new and unusual challenges to enterprises. We live in the era of hybrid cloud communication, and we have seen several years of digital transformation within a few months. Brock believes that the subscription model is very suitable for the fast changing speed that hybrid cloud environments are experiencing

avaya devices are also included in Avaya subscriptions. Brock highlighted a product, the new Avaya spaces room application, which can be used in conjunction with the Avaya collaboration unit cu360 to provide office and home offices with a multi-in-one large screen conference option. The solution also takes advantage of functions such as instant access, which allows users to point their mobile device to the screen to join the meeting

avaya customers can also invite to join through the embedded calendar. There are even conference videos of Avaya spaces and Avaya subscription workplace video conferences, as well as other video conferencing applications, such as zoom. This is an example of how Avaya strives to improve the employee experience and how customers use Avaya subscriptions as a tool to achieve this, Brock said. Xinjiang Guotai Xinhua Chemical Project BDO Unit II series has entered the stage of full commissioning

If I don't mention Avaya's world-class safety (my subscription package is supported by it), I will be careless. Brock told me that coronavirus makes daily business more complicated, and Avaya hopes to reduce this burden

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