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Lanzhuo: with China's "industrial Android" supporting China's smart manufacturing

2020 industrial interconnection achievements, the exhibition is continuously on display. This achievement exhibition is jointly sponsored by the China Academy of information and communications and some member units of the industrial interconnection industry alliance. It focuses on the industrial development achievements of industrial interconnection advanced technologies, excellent products, typical cases, service platforms, etc., highlighting big data, artificial intelligence The application of 5g and other new technologies in the field of industrial interconnection has promoted the construction of industrial interconnection system in typical industries such as aerospace, machinery manufacturing, light industry and household appliances

Zhejiang lanzhuo industrial interconnection information technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as lanzhuo) is a professional industrial interconnection company established on the basis of nearly 30 years of industrial precipitation of central control group. It has become a leading industrial interconnection platform and solution provider in China. What are the components of blue pressure testing machine and how to reduce the error of its testing machine? Zhuo focuses on the R & D and industrialization of industrial operating system, is committed to building China's independent and controllable industrial Android, and provides a digital base for industrial transformation and upgrading

blue is worth mentioning that this composite paper has potential utilization value in the biological field. Zhuo released the first supos industrial operating system with independent intellectual property rights in China. Supos focuses on the innovative mode of platform +apps, and takes industrial enterprises as the center to build an integrated application platform for production process monitoring, production management and business decision-making, so as to create an industrial operating system platform most suitable for enterprises

in this cloud exhibition, lanzhuo, with supos industrial operating system, created a panoramic platform for the group's remote business collaboration, an operation and maintenance platform for smart industrial parks, and an intelligent Internet factory management and control platform, bringing many application cases of supos in process and discrete industries. Lanzhuo meets you on the cloud to deeply analyze the industrial Internet platform enabling industrial digital transformation

the scenario intelligent platform built in the mode of platform +apps

intelligent factory application is the application display of supos in various fields and industrial sectors. For example, the collaborative panoramic platform of the group's non local business presents the collaborative management of the group's non local factory production. The quality standard and inspection method of ordinary concrete sand JGJ 52 (9) 2. Timely material circulation and ensuring safety inventory are the key to collaborative production. Therefore, on the platform, supos application comprehensively monitors the daily production progress of glyphosate, mixed gel and other products, the transportation status of vehicles (including which stage of congestion), and whether the warehouse material inventory is in safety stock; In addition, there are smart Industrial Park operation and maintenance platform, intelligent interconnected factory management and control platform, factory equipment operation and management platform, factory production and operation management platform, and factory safety and environmental protection management platform, which have shown different applications for different scenarios, such as fault early warning, equipment alarm, hidden danger management, risk management and control, etc

supos has blossomed in many industries and fields

lanzhuo is accelerating the deep integration application of 5g+ai+ artificial intelligence, has rapidly promoted the innovative application and R & D of supos in the process industry, and has made great efforts to accurately develop discrete industries

the cloud exhibition focused on the smart applications in the cement industry based on supos, which can cover core data such as key process indicators, production performance indicators, safety and environment indicators, and realize interconnection, transparency, and smart factories; The smart Industrial Park solution based on supos is a well deserved thousand mile view of the park, supporting safety hazard management, Park Portrait, safety supervision and other functions; Based on the intelligent application of supos in the petrochemical industry, build a digital twin factory that is highly consistent with reality; Ensure safe and stable production; The intelligent application of industrial data based on supos can predict and analyze intelligent scenarios such as product quality, equipment health, improving the energy utilization efficiency of plastic granulator process and preventing and controlling environmental pollution, which are complementary to each other, and realize the deep mining and value analysis of big data

build an open supos ecosystem and empower China's manufacturing industry

LAN Zhuo firmly believes that supos industrial operating system + industrial apps will become a new model of new smart factory business architecture, and has always been striving to build a multi-party industrial software open ecosystem, forming an ecosystem of mutual promotion and two-way iteration between industrial apps applications and industrial users

industrial operating system can realize the separation of platform and app, completely breaking the original closed system of industrial software. Apps from different manufacturers and even users can run on the same platform to realize an open, flexible and intelligent digital value chain

at present, lanzhuo has signed more than 300 ecological partners, and supos based ecological applications have included equipment management, production management, energy management, security monitoring, warehousing management, logistics, etc. Lanzhuo hopes to participate in the development of industrial apps based on supos industrial operating system with research institutes, universities, design institutes, service providers, developers, etc., build a symbiotic and win-win intelligent manufacturing ecosystem, and help China's industrial enterprises accelerate their digital transformation

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