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The reporter learned from the guide to the development of new materials industry that large auto repair chain enterprises collectively appeared in Shanghai AMS, highlighting the broad prospects of the aftermarket

large auto repair chain enterprises collectively appeared in Shanghai AMS, highlighting the broad prospects of the aftermarket

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on November 25, Deloitte released the 2020 China aftermarket white paper. According to statistics, China's car ownership is expected to reach 1.7 trillion in 2025, which is expected to surpass the United States and become the world's largest market for car ownership. The world's largest "stock" market will soon change hands with China, which will also bring a broad and prosperous aftermarket. Nevertheless, there are still various problems in China's aftermarket. For example, the problem of low industry maturity is prominent. The quality of industry development is uneven, and the lack of integrity/trust crisis in the industry is difficult to resolve, and other issues still need to be further resolved. Facing opportunities and challenges, how should industry practitioners respond? What are the pain points of Chinese car owners' demand for aftermarket repair and maintenance products and services? How do auto repair enterprises lay out online and offline

recently, the 16th Shanghai International Auto parts, maintenance testing and diagnostic equipment and service supplies exhibition was held. With the theme of "building a future auto ecosystem", this exhibition has also attracted many auto repair chain enterprises to participate. With the help of AMS exhibition, this international stage, show their exclusive achievements in the field of automotive aftermarket

as the most visited and influential internet lubricant industry media in China, it sits on a digital all media matrix platform integrated with the gene of automotive engineering machinery. China Lubricant information () is the long-term strategy of the exhibition. The detailed Jinan test fund below introduces how to use electronic extension: cooperative media. This time, it will also send a professional media team to participate with its lubricant market magazine to focus on the exhibition information. In this issue, let's focus on 2020 Shanghai am. Therefore, we need to master the correct online methods to prevent such a situation from producing large auto repair chain enterprises that make a wonderful appearance at s exhibition

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experimental machines are widely used in metallurgy, construction, aerospace, aviation, machinery, transportation, national defense industry, water conservancy, electric power, petroleum, Chinese industry, textile and other industries, usually

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now, The automobile industry is at the crossroads of transformation and upgrading, and the undercurrent of technological change makes every enterprise think about its current situation and future development. For the automotive industry, which changes with the automotive industry, maintaining the same frequency of product innovation and technological upgrading, insight into the direction of new services and new business models, and finding the most suitable one will undoubtedly be the killer mace for enterprises to be proud of the Jianghu

at the same time, the new pattern with the domestic big cycle as the main body has put forward unprecedented high requirements for quality consumption, and the auto repair service brand is bound to work hard on quality and service. Industry enterprises are expected to strengthen their internal skills, remain focused, seek change through innovation, meet challenges, make high-quality, high-tech and differentiated products and services, promote the development of the whole industrial chain, form a joint force, and open a new situation in the changing situation

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