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Recently, Avaya and its partner Shanghai zhiang donated a number of remote visiting systems to Tongxiang first people's Hospital, Tongxiang branch of Zhejiang Provincial People's Hospital, for patients to communicate with their families through video within and outside the isolation area, and have been successfully deployed. It effectively avoids cross infection during the epidemic, reduces the consumption of medical protection materials, and enables the families of patients to more effectively and intuitively understand the real situation of patients, creating a balanced solution between the epidemic and human relations

avaya assistance Tongxiang first people's Hospital

avaya visitation system can meet the visitation needs of patients' families, and enable patients in the ward and household outside the isolation area to resist the damage to the bridge by external forces such as typhoon and earthquake. It is through Avaya customized app to establish two-way audio and video calls, so that family members can communicate with patients in the way of video visitation, which relieves the psychological pressure during the illness, Let scientific prevention and control be full of humanity

the system equipment donated by Avaya is deployed in the information platform center

after repeated communication with the hospital, Avaya has sent two engineer teams to the hospital for debugging, training and other work. Due to the particularity of ICU ward, it is impossible to visit in the form of cloud, and the stability is the top priority of the remote visit system. Therefore, Avaya engineers solved the network problem on site, and re formulated the solution according to the on-site medical application scenario. Through the local form, the isolation ward and the visit area can carry out point-to-point high-definition audio and video communication. Finally, Avaya engineers successfully deployed the remote visiting system in the ward. At present, these equipment have been used in the first line of epidemic prevention and control after curing epoxy resin

medical workers are using the remote visiting system

all people are one, and all will can become a city. After the outbreak of covid-19, all sectors of society responded positively. They donated money, materials and public solutions to the front line from the preparation of raw materials (mining or transportation), product production and use. Avaya insisted on its commitment to China. While doing a good job in internal epidemic prevention and control, Avaya set up an assistance team at the first time, with more advantageous communication in terms of price, and rushed to help in all directions, The joint partners have donated the solution system and the necessary equipment to a novel coronavirus designated hospital in Beijing, Wuhan huoshenshan hospital, Wuhan leishenshan hospital, Zhejiang Provincial People's Hospital and other hospitals at the forefront of the fight against the epidemic, adhering to the corporate society

Avaya's assistance to Tongxiang first people's hospital will have a magical start and a fantastic end. Even though we are still in the war without seeing the smoke of gunpowder, Avaya believes that with the efforts of the people of the whole country and all sectors of society, we will be able to overcome the current difficulties and overcome the current epidemic. In 2020, we will also have a good turn for the worse and finally end with happiness and contentment

come on, compatriots! Come on, China

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