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Hebei Iron and Steel Group large angle steel products fill the domestic gap

Hebei Iron and Steel Group large angle steel products fill the domestic gap

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on March 2, the 214 ton low alloy high strength Q460C large angle steel newly developed by Tangshan Iron and Steel Company of Hebei Iron and steel group was loaded and delivered to customers. The smooth development of this kind of steel has filled the gap of this kind of large-scale angle steel in China. Now why does the production of so many experimental machines become a new growth point for the quality and efficiency of enterprises

q460c is a low-alloy high-strength steel, which is mainly used in construction iron towers. The efficiency per ton of steel can reach 1000 yuan, and it has a broad market prospect. Tangshan Iron and Steel Co., Ltd. has carefully made technical preparations before development and production according to the requirements of users in terms of product performance and surface quality. In the production process, strictly control the content of S and P, and strengthen the smelting operation that the metallurgical wear products are taken away by lubricating oil, so as to improve the control accuracy of end-point composition and steel pouring temperature; The heating process is specially formulated, and the start rolling temperature and pass rolling temperature are strictly controlled, which realizes the success of one-time rolling

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