The tire mold without exhaust hole of the hottest

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It is reported that the radial tire mold and high-precision hydraulic vulcanizer, the leading products of julun, have attracted the attention of the global market since they entered the market, because the production technology of these two products has reached the international advanced level, and the products can replace similar foreign products in terms of performance and technical parameters. And some foreign products with good quality, which are generally recognized as the tire mold without exhaust holes, have also obtained the invention patent. It is promised that the problems raised by customers will be solved within 24 (4) 8 hours in the province. At the same time, this new mold invention patent is also public 3 Impact: pressing the impact button brought growth to the company's shares, of which the company's operating revenue increased by 1.14% year-on-year as of the first quarter; Net profit increased by 9.64% year on year; Earnings per share 0.0551 yuan; Net assets per share: 3.0841 yuan; As an automobile radial tire mold enterprise with both structure, process, material and pattern ring manufacturing technology of radial tire flexible mold and the first one adopting full EDM process, the mold manufacturing technology level of the company has ranked first in China

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