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The time has come for lithium batteries to replace lead-acid batteries. By 2020, the price of the energy storage system will be less than 1.5 yuan per watt hour

huangshilin, vice chairman of Ningde times, once again accepted the lithium battery connection of senior engineer, and launched a "sharp" Q & A with ZhangXiaoFei, chairman of senior engineer consulting. Let's see below:

what is the time point for large-scale application of lithium battery energy storage to replace lead acid

huangshilin: there are many ways to store energy, lead-acid battery is one of them, but if we look at some specific fields, The time has come for lithium batteries to replace lead-acid batteries "With the industry's search for lighter renewable materials, I would like to add that in the early days, some battery manufacturers or hardware manufacturers expanded the energy storage market. With the rapid maturity of lithium battery energy storage technology and the substantial decline in costs, if some operators join the industry, the large-scale application of lithium battery energy storage can be greatly advanced or even burst out.

the specific application you just mentioned Domain, which domain specifically refers to

huangshilin: for example, at present, lead-acid batteries are widely used in 4g/5g communication base stations. Many people think that if lithium batteries are used to replace lead-acid batteries, the price will be much higher, but the operator's view will facilitate the accurate selection and adjustment of detection points; The test space is very different. When the lead-acid battery is equipped with 200ah, the lithium battery may only need 120ah. If we cooperate with power companies to make lithium batteries play the role of peak shaving and valley filling, the capacity can be reduced by about 80% and the electricity bill can be saved

from this point of view, the lithium battery has been running in the base station for ten years and the lead-acid battery has been running for five years. Compared with the whole product life cycle, it can be found that the low-cost and long-life lithium battery can completely replace this work. This is just an example. The industry will find more and more opportunities to come

compared with power battery, what are the technical requirements for energy storage battery

huangshilin: in fact, many peers believe that energy storage batteries are better than power batteries. This is a big misunderstanding. The technical requirements of the entire energy storage system are no lower than power batteries

energy storage system creates benefits through electric flow and operation mode. The higher the efficiency and the longer the service life of the energy storage system, the better the benefit. Especially after the application of smart electricity in the future, the response speed, efficiency and other performance requirements of the whole system will be very high. Accordingly, software and hardware manufacturers engaged in the energy storage industry should also have high and new technologies

at present, there are many more lithium battery enterprises in the field of electric vehicles than energy storage, and the competition is fierce. Some suggestions for battery enterprises who want to enter the field of electric vehicles and energy storage

huangshilin: it's no problem to enter the field of power batteries, but it needs to have the necessary conditions: whether the power batteries can enable electric vehicles to compete with traditional gasoline vehicles with the "big move" of the European Union, which revised regulation No. 10/2011 twice. Meeting this requirement requires excellent product performance, safety and reliability, and prominent cost advantages. If you can do so, welcome to enter

the same is true for lithium battery enterprises entering the energy storage field. Can lithium battery make the energy storage system more competitive than lead-acid battery and pumped storage, and whether the cost and circulation capacity are better

please be more specific, such as how many times the cycle life should be reached, how low the cost should be, and other indicators

huangshilin: we are the only enterprise to undertake the national large-scale energy storage technology projects led by the state electricity and national energy administration during the 13th five year plan. The project objective is very simple. The system can be used for more than ten years. The price target of the whole system is less than 1.5 yuan per watt hour. As long as this goal is achieved, the lithium battery energy storage system from the power generation side to the power consumption side will be promoted on a large scale by national forces. We have set a target date of 2020. We hope to achieve this goal ahead of time

you mentioned earlier that you want operators to join in. Please talk about the importance of innovative operation mode to the promotion of energy storage

huangshilin: in fact, in the past years, there has been a misunderstanding that many people have done unprofessional things. Battery, energy storage system and PCs all try to do energy storage operation, which is actually a cross-border into unfamiliar and unprofessional fields. As the saying goes, "there is specialization in technology", we should not do everything by ourselves, so we have been looking for people with operational needs and capabilities to cooperate with us

however, the current situation is that operators do not understand the advantages of lithium batteries over lead-acid, so they will choose "traditional products". If people in this industry do their own things well, and at the same time let those who have the ability to take charge of the operation of the long service life tour fully understand the technical and cost advantages of our products, it is the right way for them to develop a new energy storage application market for lithium batteries. This is why I have repeatedly advocated that professional people should do professional things. Our task is to do a good job of products

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