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The time has come for China's printing press to go abroad.

the main signs of the development of the printing industry are the steady increase in the scale and speed of the publishing and printing industry, the substantial growth in packaging and decoration printing, and the continuous improvement in the technical level of the printing equipment manufacturing industry. While the market satisfaction rate is constantly improving, China's printing industry has made remarkable achievements in both domestic and international markets. It can be predicted that China will remain one of the most active printing markets in the world in the future

the development of China's printing industry the biocompatibility of packaging materials means that the ability of materials to trigger appropriate host reactions in specific practical utilization and the ability of materials to respond depend on two main factors. One is the transformation from a planned economy to a socialist market economy. While the economy has gained vitality, the printing industry related to people's livelihood is bound to achieve rapid development. Another reason is that the policy of reform and opening-up has enabled China's economy to quickly integrate into the global integrated market. At the same time, it also makes the continuous development and future continuous development of the printing industry inevitable

great changes have taken place in the export structure of printing machines

after decades of development, China's printing machinery manufacturing industry has reached a considerable scale, and its technical level has also been greatly improved. After entering the 1st century when the probability of 2 structure bearing unilateral load is high, the development of China's printing machinery manufacturing industry presents the following characteristics

rapid growth of export printing machinery import and export has become one of the main driving forces to promote the development of printing equipment manufacturing industry. In 2005, the export volume was 401million US dollars, an increase of 53.1% over 2004; In 2006, exports reached 518million US dollars, an increase of 29.17% over the same period in 2005; In 2005, the import volume was 2.74% lower than that in 2004, and in 2006, the import volume was 2.34% lower than that in 2005. The export structure of printing machinery products has begun to undergo major changes. The export of printing machinery parts has declined, while the export of complete machines has increased. In particular, the export of post press processing equipment has been close to the import, and the development trend of narrowing the import and export trade deficit has begun to appear

the domestic market continued to grow. In 2006, the output value of printing machines was 12billion yuan, the printing industry purchased about 8billion yuan of domestic equipment, and imported 1.63 billion US dollars (equivalent to 12.7 billion yuan) from abroad. Therefore, the total sales of printing machinery and equipment in China's printing market amounted to 20.7 billion yuan, and the market share of domestic equipment and imported equipment was 39% and 61% respectively. It is estimated that by 2010, the demand for printing machines will exceed 40billion yuan. At that time, the domestic printing machines will exceed 20billion yuan, and the market share will reach 50% (the imported printing machines are expected to reach 20billion yuan). At that time, China will develop into an important printing machine manufacturing base in the world

the industrialization level of high-end equipment has been improved. After the printing industry has gone through the primary stage of capital accumulation, the demand for multi-color sheet fed printing machines of various formats has increased significantly. The annual import volume of such equipment accounts for 25%~30% of the total import volume, and once occupied 80%~90% of the domestic printing market, thus stimulating the entry of domestic printing equipment manufacturers. The medical industry will introduce a variety of new materials nbsp; The German company will expand its medical investment portfolio. According to statistics, more than ten enterprises have begun to produce multi-color offset printing machines of various sizes, and the market share by unit has reached more than 40%

process change promotes the rapid development of manufacturing technology

the rapid development of printing and printing machine manufacturing industry is influenced by market factors, and more importantly, it is supported by the application of advanced technology

1. Digital workflow elements have been applied in large and medium-sized enterprises

● CTP technology has developed rapidly in recent years, especially the timeliness of newspaper printing. Direct plate making and digital proofing are adopted, which not only simplifies the process, but also shortens the reporting cycle and improves the production efficiency. With the popularization and application of CTP technology, the traditional offset proofing has entered the elimination stage, and the traditional market of photographic plate making and Laser Phototypesetting has further shrunk

● with the wide application of digital equipment, CIP3 and CIP4 file format standards have been recognized, implemented and implemented by more and more enterprises. Pdf data format is widely used

● color management and information management have been gradually promoted. Such as warehouse management, financial management, customer service management, network management, process flow, etc

2. The technical level of printing machinery and equipment has been improved rapidly

the printing machine manufacturing technology is developing towards automation, intelligence, digitization, networking, multi-color and multi-function

printing machinery enterprises are developing in the direction of large-scale, industrialization and collectivization. China has produced a number of printing machinery enterprise manufacturing groups

the quality of printing machine products has improved rapidly. A large number of enterprises have passed the quality assurance system certification, actively adopted international safety standards, and passed the international safety system certification

3. Actively respond to the international market

domestic advanced printing enterprises, whether in the printing process or in the printing equipment, have achieved international standards, participated in the international division of labor, accepted orders externally, and strengthened their competitive strength internally. The market adaptability of the enterprises has been improved rapidly. China's engineering machinery sales plan will reach 900billion yuan. It has not only received a large number of overseas printing business orders, but also expanded the demand for equipment and technology. The printing industry has shown a strong development trend

although some other enterprises have strong strength, they have neglected the implementation of CIP3 and CIP4 in the past, and did not pay attention to compatibility when buying equipment, so that some equipment form an island. Therefore, they are unable to participate in the international division of labor, which also puts them in a disadvantageous position in the domestic market competition. Therefore, it is necessary to upgrade the inherent equipment and solve the incompatibility between them to meet the requirements of the new process flow. This change in the printing process promotes the development of printing machine manufacturing technology and puts forward new requirements for printing machine manufacturing enterprises. Enterprises that can meet the needs of this situation will seize huge market opportunities. Enterprises that cannot meet the needs of the situation will be in a passive position in the competition

China will become a global printing machine manufacturing base. After entering the WTO, the domestic market has become a part of the international market. Just as we are expanding our export efforts, foreign famous brand enterprises also look at China's broad market, rich human resources and low-cost advantages, and have established wholly-owned enterprises in China to seek the competitiveness of products in China and the world market. They have mastered the products with market advantages, continue to occupy the Chinese printing market by using the import tax exemption policy, and continue to improve the competitiveness of the market by using the low cost made in China for the products without the support of the tax exemption policy. China's printing machinery manufacturing enterprises should continue to expand the share of the domestic market, march into the field of medium and high-end products, and lose no time in expanding product exports. The products of beiren group have been exported to dozens of countries and regions including the United States

it should be made clear that the development of China's printing industry is inseparable from the joint efforts of the domestic printing equipment industry and the technical support of foreign advanced technology and equipment for the printing industry. With the fact that Chinese made equipment has spread all over the world, it should be seen that the time has come for Chinese made printing machinery and equipment to go abroad in great strides. (the author is the general manager of beiren group)

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