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The time for plastic coating packaging is not ripe

with the change of time, the metal coating barrel has been evolving, but the basic design has basically remained the same. Its mature production and complete supporting production line are a huge obstacle to any subsequent packaging form

metal barrels have a long history. Metal barrels have been used as the main coating packaging container for counterfeit and shoddy products for more than 100 years. After years of use, metal coating barrels have formed a complete series as well as product standards and specifications

however, there are some shortcomings in metal paint barrels. For example, metal paint barrels are mainly round barrels, and some barrels with large capacity are equipped with lifting bail. However, the shape of the barrel is relatively single, so it is difficult to make more patterns, and different brands of coatings are not easy to form differentiated packaging. Although iron printing technology has been able to print exquisite patterns on the surface of metal barrels, most metal paint barrels have roller ribs on the barrel, which affects the exquisite degree and display effect of the patterns

in addition, it is difficult to use up every barrel of paint in the process of use (although paint manufacturers generally provide many products of different specifications), therefore, paint packaging is required to have good resealability. The resealing performance of the metal barrel cover is general, which is also one of the fatal problems of the metal coating barrel

manufacturers of plastic containers with superior and inferior plastic barrels always hope to extend their products to every application field. Paint 4.3 pigments and additives should comply with the provisions of relevant standards. In fact, they will not have a harmful impact on product performance. Of course, packaging is also in their vision

in fact, PP plastic and metal mixing barrels have been widely used. Whether it is extrusion or injection molding, all plastic barrels have no difficulty in manufacturing technology

compared with the metal bucket, the plastic bucket has the greatest advantage of various shapes. Measuring five times in a microscopic field of view in the deepest uniform decarburization area can completely produce various containers with novel shapes according to the intention of the manufacturer, which is of special significance to the formation of differentiated packaging among manufacturers

in addition, the resealability of plastic containers is superior to that of metal barrels, which is also one of the main factors that attract the attention of paint manufacturers. The adjustment of impact magnitude G is mainly to adjust the lifting angle of pendulum. Moreover, the plastic container can make a flat barrel wall, which can not only directly print patterns, but also adopt various forms such as self-adhesive labels, which can make the appearance more beautiful

however, plastic containers also have some shortcomings. First, the surface of plastic containers is smooth, and they are not as safe and stable as metal barrels when stacking and storing; Secondly, when the temperature of the plastic container is high, the side bulge of the full plastic barrel is more serious

factors affecting the application of all plastic barrels despite the rapid development of plastic processing technology and the advantages of plastic containers, most international famous paint manufacturers have not changed plastic packaging, but continue to use the traditional metal packaging barrels

chemquest group, a consulting company specializing in the international strategic management of adhesive, sealant and coating industry, believes that it is difficult to promote the entire coating industry to use a new type of packaging container without significant cost reduction. If new packaging containers are used, the logistics channel of the coating industry needs to be renovated. For the coating industry, the logistics channel is the biggest factor affecting the benefits

acehardware, one of the major chemical distributors in the United States, also believes that the magnetized conveyor belt in paint production is not suitable for all plastic barrels, so it is necessary to use the extrusion conveyor system when transporting all plastic barrels

obviously, under the premise that the cost of a single packaging container has not decreased and the production line needs to be adjusted and invested, it is easy to understand that coating enterprises tend to be conservative in changing packaging

whether the packaging price is stable is also an important factor that makes paint manufacturers fear. Relatively speaking, the price of iron bucket is relatively stable, while the price of plastic bucket is affected by synthetic resin? Market price. However, the situation of China's coating industry has some particularity. Chinese coating enterprises have not yet formed the monopoly operation of large enterprises. Many small and medium-sized enterprises do not have a high degree of automation in the follow-up process, which makes it possible for enterprises to use all plastic packaging. Therefore, it can be predicted that the all plastic packaging of Chinese coatings will be first applied in small and medium-sized coating enterprises, and its application proportion will be gradually expanded

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