The top 10 PCT international patents of Yuchai wer

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Yuchai's 10 PCT international patents are authorized in Australia

Yuchai's 10 PCT international patents are authorized in Australia

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recently, the opening and development of the raw material industry has been accelerated. 10 invention patents such as "four valve diesel engine cylinder head" applied by Yuchai Co., Ltd. have been authorized in Australia through PCT international patent application

"four valve diesel engine cylinder head" and other 10 invention patents have outstanding innovation, novelty and practicality, and are the key technologies of technological innovation. These patents cover engine structure design, combustion development, low emission development, mechanical development and other technologies, which are at the international leading level, and fill the gap in China's automotive engine technology in many fields

The successful authorization of PCT international patent marks that Yuchai will continue to improve its independent innovation ability, build its own original core technology and play a leading role in the field of engine technology based on the global layout of intellectual property rights

pct is the Patent Cooperation Treaty, which is an international treaty related to patents. Patent maintenance items, maintenance quality and problems found in maintenance should be recorded. The applicant can apply for patents in multiple countries by submitting international patent applications through this channel. On the existing land in China

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