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10 domestic IC products were commended by the Ministry of information industry of China. At the 2007 "China chip" technology and development conference held by the software and integrated circuit Promotion Center (CSIP) under the Ministry of information industry of China on December 14, 2007, the 10 most popular and potential IC products in 2007 were commended. This is the second such event

among the most popular Chinese manufacturers, there are five products, including wireless communication IC "sc6600" for gsm/gprs manufactured by Spreadtrum communications, TFT LCD Monitor IC "ssd1289" of Solomon Systech, MP3 decoder IC "rk2608a" for portable player of Fuzhou rockchip electronics, etc The MPEG-2 Decoder IC "gx6101" of Hangzhou Guoxin Science & technology, and the USB flash memory controller IC "cbm2091" of chipbank technologies (Shenzhen). From 2006 to the third quarter of 2007, a total of 110million of these five products were supplied, with a supply amount of 979 million yuan

the most potential Chinese manufacturers' IC includes RISC Microprocessor "loongson2e" of Institute of computing technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, and transceiver IC "dtt6c01b" of Datang microelectronics technology (data witnessed the glory of global construction industry), The decoder IC "lgs8913" of Beijing Legend silicon based on the Chinese specification of micro pair filter wave digital TV with infarct instigator, the media processing SOC "c7280" of chipnauts Technology (Shanghai), and the high precision of Shenzhen chipsea technologies ΣΔ Type A-D conversion IC "CS1242"

judging from the IC product lines whose mechanical performance is almost the same as that of injection molded parts, they are all products with Chinese specifications

According to the CSIP release, IC developers' R & D capabilities and awareness of obtaining patents are gradually improving. Specifically, among the 68 types of IC products selected in this selection, 496 patent applications have been filed, of which 160 have been accepted by the China Intellectual Property Office. Only from this award-winning 10 products have been listed in the catalogue of demonstration and guidance for the first use of key new materials by the Ministry of industry and information technology, 132 patent applications have been filed, of which 68 have been accepted. If compared with the analysis results of the first commendation conference held in 2006, the number of patent acquisition has increased significantly

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