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On October 26, China Plastics warehouse receipt LLDPE market brief comment

I. Market Overview:

today, LLDPE opened low and went high, the previous index range fluctuated, the disk index fell slightly below the average, and was in a downward trend. The middle index rebounded under the strong pull of the buyer, rose in shock, and closed higher throughout the whole line at the end of the day. The LLDPE warehouse receipt index closed at 1346.77 points, up 4.81 points from the previous trading day, and the daily K line of the index closed at the entity Zhongyang line, Technical indicators: the opening of the brin line is enlarged, the KDJ index rises slightly, and continues to operate in the overbought area. The red column of the MACD index is slightly enlarged, and the number of orders is reduced. Generally speaking, the market trading is still active, the transaction is good, the intraday trading is relatively balanced, the trading volume increases significantly, and the order volume decreases slightly

II. Analysis of main varieties:

ll0712 opened slightly higher and walked higher, the price trend of the front plate was relatively stable, and the range fluctuated widely. After the intraday price fluctuated slightly and walked higher, the trend gradually stabilized, and fluctuated slightly. The price of the middle and rear plate in the purchase of accessories can be roughly divided into: tensile accessories and tight accessories. After the small rise, the price was strongly suppressed by the seller and quickly fell back, and the last plate closed slightly, and the settlement price closed at 12572 yuan/ton, Compared with the previous trading day, it rose 7. With regard to the filter with blocking instigator, it was 5 yuan/ton, and closed at the Zhongyang line on the daily K-line chart. The 5-day moving average continued to rise, and the range was large. The red column of MACD index was significantly enlarged, KDJ index fell at the dead fork, the trading volume was obvious, and the order volume was slightly reduced

ll0801 opened slightly lower. After a slight decline in the front price, it immediately reversed and rose in shock. The intraday price trend became stable, the range fluctuation was narrow, showing a narrow consolidation. The late price rose slightly. In the end, it closed slightly higher. The settlement price closed at 12638 yuan/ton, up 43 yuan/ton compared with the previous trading day, and closed at an upward shift in the center of gravity of the positive line in the entity. The inertia of the 5-day moving average rose, the opening of the brin line widened, and the KDJ index rose slightly, operating in the overbought area, The trading volume increased slightly, and the order volume decreased slightly

III. comprehensive analysis:

international crude oil continued to rise on Thursday, on the one hand, due to the unexpected sharp decline in the inventory of crude oil and refined oil products in the United States, on the other hand, the tension on the border between Turkey and Iran, and the conflict between Lebanon and Israel. WTI and Brent closed at 90.46 and 87.48 US dollars/barrel, up 3.36 and 3.11 US dollars/barrel respectively, hitting a new record high. In terms of spot goods: some market prices rose slightly today, The overall atmosphere of the market was slightly calm. The soaring crude oil has a certain supporting effect on the market, and the bullish trend of traders is obvious. To sum up, the oil price soared on Thursday. Affected by its positive factors, the warehouse receipts of China Plastics Co., Ltd. generally rose today. It is expected that the warehouse receipts of China Plastics Co., Ltd. LLDPE may have some upward space in the near future

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information source: China plastics trading

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