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on October 24, the nylon silk market is relatively stable, the demand is OK

the nylon chip market remains basically stable, and the Hua stroke limit switch can automatically unload after the end of the experiment and play the role of limit stop. In the eastern region, the mainstream quotation of conventional spinning chips is 24500 yuan/ton, the quotation of high-speed spinning is yuan/ton, and the quotation of high-speed spinning in Central China is 25000 yuan/ton. The trading volume is average. In terms of imported Taiwan chips, it is still relatively stable at present, but the sales volume has also decreased. The price of high-speed spinning semi gloss is still $per ton, l/c90 days, and the total extinction is $2760 per ton. Due to the resistance of the downstream, the momentum for the future market to continue to rise is not strong

the nylon yarn market remains stable as a whole. In terms of textured yarn, the price of DTY high-grade yarn is around yuan/ton, and the price of POY is still relatively stable. The price of high-grade yarn is 0 yuan/ton for consumers, and the price of medium-grade goods is yuan/ton. The demand for textured yarn is acceptable. Due to the positive support of rising upstream raw materials and better downstream demand, it is expected that future prices will continue to advance. In terms of filaments, FDY and Hoy still performed in an average manner, and their prices were relatively stable, with strong demand for FDY fully Matt filaments

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