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Review and Reflection on technological innovation in China's corrugated box packaging industry

the development of China's corrugated box packaging industry has gone through several stages, such as initial, start, development, rapid development and high-speed development, since the early 1980s. Production equipment has experienced from semi mechanical single machine to single machine and automatic production line; The post process is from silk manual monochrome printing, separate pressing and slotting to the automation of slotting and slotting of multi-color ink and environmental friendly flexo printing, as well as color printing veneer and pre printing connection; From nailing boxes to automatic gluing boxes, from the introduction of production equipment to digestion, absorption and continuous innovation, from imitation to independent research and development, great changes have taken place in China's corrugated box packaging industry. At present, there are more than 30 production equipment enterprises, more than 90000 corrugated box enterprises, and more than 4000 automatic production lines in the country, making it a big country in carton packaging and a strong country in carton packaging

although there is a serious overcapacity in the current industry development, the whole industry still maintains the development trend of moving forward, and the development is still very active. In order to explore the reasons, the author analyzed and studied the relevant industry information collected in recent years, from which it is not difficult to see that China's corrugated box packaging industry continues to develop, and technological innovation is a significant feature. China's corrugated box packaging industry is not only in the development of continuous innovation, but also in the innovation of new development. The achievements made over the past 20 years have not only attracted the attention of the world, but also made remarkable achievements in technological innovation. The author believes that it is necessary to review the technological innovation achievements made in the development of China's corrugated box packaging industry, and analyze the reasons for the achievements of technological innovation and the problems worthy of attention in technological innovation, which will be conducive to the healthy development of the whole industry

review of industrial technological innovation

generally speaking, technological innovation should be mainly reflected in advanced technology, high scientific and technological content, promoting industrial upgrading, improving market competitiveness, strong capacity for sustainable development, reducing the use of raw materials and energy consumption, saving costs, conforming to environmental protection, improving benefits, etc. Specifically, it is mainly reflected in the following aspects

1. Technological innovation of leading enterprises

Hubei Jingshan Light Machinery Co., Ltd. has 85 varieties and 180 specifications, with an annual output of more than 200 automatic production lines of various types of corrugated cardboard and more than 3000 single machines (sets), from three, five and seven layer automatic lines to wide three and four color full computer high-speed and efficient water-based printing slotting machine, full-automatic box gluing machine, color printing veneering machine, color printing carton (box) forming machine and other one-stop supporting production lines. More than 5 new products are put on the market every year, and the position of the passive needle that always keeps the output value of new products accounting for the total output value of the enterprise in that year can be adjusted by the handle outside the glass cover by more than 40%. In recent years, by adjusting the structure of the production line, we have focused on the development of four high and one wide production lines representing the future development of corrugated boxes, and have successively launched 2.2m light tile lines and 2.5m heavy tile lines, spiral knife tile lines, positive pressure quick change roller tile lines, full computer wide tile lines, automatic high-strength multi-layer (double arch) tile lines, etc. Last year, it introduced advanced technology from the US sun automation group, and has completed the digestion and absorption of all technologies. It has developed the most advanced single-sided machine with high scientific and technological content, strong intelligence, automatic adjustment of set parameters, energy conservation and efficiency, and significant improvement of carton manufacturing output and quality. It has been officially put on the market this year. It is reported that the enterprise will launch five new products this year. That is, "Saturn" corrugated box forming line, 1600 down printing die-cutting machine, 450sf single-sided machine, SJG automatic gluing machine, HQE computer die-cutting machine. Because Jingshan light machinery adheres to the path of technological innovation, the enterprise entered Jingshan County from a small agricultural machinery factory in Songhe Town, and became the first listed company of corrugated box packaging machinery in China. Until it entered Wuhan to form a larger scale, its products accounted for more than 60% of the national market share, and became a leading enterprise occupying the dominant position in the industry

Zhejiang Ruijiang paper production enterprises have taken price reduction measures to maintain a profitable situation. The products Co., Ltd. saves 18% of coal per month by refitting the speed regulating device, counter, computer program control and automatic correction system, steam recovery device, etc. of the corrugated board production line; Replace the retractable paper clamping head with the shaftless support, so that the original recycled paper can be completely used up; The use of longitudinal cutting tungsten steel knife reduces the trouble of replacement and saves about 26% of the cost. It is also preparing to install automatic paper feeder and ERP management system. This enterprise is worthy of being an example of comprehensive technological innovation

2. The scientific research team led by Professor yangfuxin, Dean of the school of industrial engineering of Wenzhou University, cooperated with Wenzhou Dongjing packaging company for one year to overcome the technical problems of high-quality and high-speed operation of domestic corrugated board production lines. It is of great significance to drive the industrial upgrading of the whole packaging industry, improve the competitiveness of corrugated box packaging products in China, reduce costs, and improve output, quality and efficiency. At the same time, it is also a successful example of technological innovation cooperation between universities and enterprises. On August 5 last year, Wenzhou science and Technology Bureau organized experts to check and accept the scientific research achievements

3. Technological innovation of independent research and development production line

Sichuan Mianyang xindonghua Packaging Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. has successfully developed a cold set microwave drying corrugated board production line with its patented technology and scientific research achievements in cooperation with Sichuan Xingnan craft products factory. On September 16 last year, the science and Technology Department of China Packaging Corporation presided over the expert review and passed the national new product appraisal. The expert appraisal committee agreed that the production line adopted the patented technology of cold setting microwave drying for making corrugated board with a number of invention patents, which was independently developed, and changed the production process of heating set corrugated board without boiler (oil stove). Its design is unique and its technology is novel, which is the first in China. The main technological innovation is that the heating temperature should not exceed 30 ℃: microwave drying technology and self-developed adhesive are adopted, with controllable drying heat source, high bonding strength, uniform and flat drying, reasonable production line layout, compact structure, low comprehensive cost, no boiler (oil furnace) investment, no three wastes emission, energy saving and environmental protection. This production line is the only corrugated board production line with independent intellectual property rights in China, and it is also the latest technology in the world. The application of this production line will provide new development space for the whole industry. It is reported that Zhu Qingdong, chairman of Mianyang xindonghua Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd., invested tens of millions of yuan in the project. After hundreds of technical breakthroughs and process experiments, the project was successfully designed and developed by himself

4. Technological innovation of key components

Shanghai DASONG industry (corrugated roll) Co., Ltd. is the first company in China to launch tungsten carbide corrugated roll with the best wear resistance in the world. The company is one of the earliest enterprises specializing in manufacturing corrugated rollers in China. It was the first to introduce Presque tungsten carbide spraying equipment from the United States. It uses supersonic spraying method to form tungsten carbide alloy coating on the tooth surface of corrugated rollers, and produces tungsten carbide spraying corrugated rollers, the heart part of corrugated cardboard production line. The service life of the corrugating roller is 4 times longer than that of the general corrugating roller, which overcomes various defects and losses caused by the easy wear of the general corrugating roller in carton enterprises

Beijing sichengda electromechanical manufacturing plant uses high carbon alloy steel to make corrugated roll tooth sleeve materials, and sprays TC coating on the surface of corrugated roll teeth, whose wear resistance is three times that of the original chrome plated roll. This alone can save 410 tons of core paper (900000 yuan) for the carton factory in one year. Beijing Zhonghe Jiuyi Nano Technology Co., Ltd. (a nano surface treatment company with independent intellectual property rights) applies nano surface treatment technology to the surface treatment technology of manufacturing corrugated rollers, making the hardness of corrugated rollers close to diamond. The comprehensive cost is three quarters of that of chromium plated rollers and one third of that of thermally Sprayed Tungsten Carbide rollers

Shanghai Shenjia machinery industry and Trade Co., Ltd. launched a paper receiving machine that can be completed in 2-3 seconds, which is matched with the high-speed corrugated board production line last September, greatly improving the efficiency of the production line, reducing losses and increasing benefits

Qingdao Meguiar Machinery Co., Ltd. launched an automatic paper receiving machine that does not stop and completes in 0.3 seconds; In addition, it also introduces automatic tension and detection, semi-automatic die-cutting machine, high-speed automatic resurfacing machine, etc

the corrugated cardboard (carton) packaging machinery computer and the advanced carton production management ERP system launched by Guangdong Dongguan Kada computer China company (Taiwan production base)

Shenyang Fuli coated belt factory is the largest and most advanced conveyor belt manufacturer for corrugated board production line in China. Guided by creating high-quality products and serving users, it has made unremitting efforts to innovate products and greatly improved the grade of conveyor belts. Among them, the successful introduction of herringbone weaving structure and weaving materials makes the functional characteristics of the conveyor belt more optimized, and has more advantages than plain and twill conveyor belts. First of all, the traction capacity of the belt is more uniform along the whole width, which is conducive to improving the contact condition of the belt with the paperboard and increasing the ability to absorb and drag the paperboard; Secondly, it can increase the friction of the belt, absorb moisture and water, and improve the tensile strength and dimensional stability. An American corrugated line professional agent of the enterprise commented that the indicators of China's Fuli products have reached the international advanced level, but the price is much lower than those of France and the United States. Acting for Fuli products has brought us more benefits. At present, the width of the product has reached 2.8 meters, and the maximum line speed has reached 350 meters per minute. In addition to Vietnam and Russia, the products were exported to Canada last year

5. Technological innovation of paperboard varieties

Beijing Shouhang Wanyuan Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd. successfully developed four layer composite corrugated board and molding machine. On the basis of not affecting the normal production of the original three-layer and five layer paperboard production lines, this machine can meet the requirements of four layer corrugated paperboard only by adding a special gluing equipment (double arch gluing machine) and regularly gluing two pieces of core paper into composite corrugated core paper

zhangshiquan, director of Sino Japanese concave convex structure research institute (Jinan), successfully developed concave convex paperboard technology. The operation of this technology is simple, and it can be realized only by replacing the corrugated roller with this concave convex structure on the basis of the existing equipment

Jiangsu Qidong Euro packaging material factory successfully developed special "corrugated" paperboard. This concave convex core layer, which is different from the corrugated shape, is made of paper with different uses and weights by using special foaming technology and selecting different formulas and processes in papermaking. This paper has high elasticity, which can not only be pressed into shape, but also be pressed into paperboard by replacing the special roller with the existing single-sided corrugating machine; The back carton making process can be formed by using existing process equipment. Its physical indexes are higher than those of traditional corrugated boxes, and multi-layer composite can replace heavy cartons

the carton packaging of Guangdong Kelon Electric appliance uses flexible printing micro corrugated boxes. The CB corrugated box is changed to be corrugated box, which reduces the carton volume, reduces the transportation cost, comprehensively reduces the cost by 15%, and increases the comprehensive compressive strength by more than 10%

Guangxi Guilin Chenguang paper products Co., Ltd. successfully developed sandwich corrugated board (middle tile). Its excellent structure greatly enhances the strength of the paperboard. The shockproof and compression resistant packaging box made of the paperboard can enhance the packaging of the combined structure, etc. "Tile in tile" can reduce the cost of comprehensive packaging due to its compact structure, seamless, nailless, foldable and easy to form

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