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Review and Prospect of the brilliant 20 years of China's adhesive industry

Review and Prospect of the brilliant 20 years of China's adhesive industry

December 18, 2007

[China paint information] this September is the 20th anniversary of the founding of China Adhesive Industry Association. Looking back on the development of China's adhesive industry in the past 20 years, we can clearly see that with the rapid development of China's economy in the past 20 years, the adhesive industry has grown from small to large, from weak to strong, and is playing an increasingly important role in simplifying processes, saving energy, reducing costs and improving benefits for all industries: the adhesive industry has become a rapidly developing and vigorous new force in China's fine chemical industry

I. The scale of the industry has expanded rapidly

under the initiative and guidance of the former Ministry of chemical industry, China adhesive industry officially established its own organization, China Adhesive Industry Association, in September 1987, and gradually established and improved the working system of industry service. Over the past 20 years, with the deepening of China's reform and opening up and the rapid economic development, the production scale of China's adhesive industry has expanded rapidly, the product output and sales have increased rapidly, the varieties have increased significantly, the product grade and quality have been continuously improved, new products and technologies have been constantly emerging, and the application fields have been continuously expanded. Adhesive and sealant products have been widely used in electronic appliances, building materials, automobiles, transportation Machinery manufacturing, medical and health, aerospace, light industry, daily life and many other departments. China is now a big country in the production and consumption of adhesives and sealants in the world

under the leadership of SASAC and Sinopec Association, China Adhesive Industry Association keeps in mind the purpose of "service". Actively and seriously do practical things and good deeds for the industry and its members, and have made great contributions to the development and progress of the whole industry. They have paid great hardships and efforts. The great achievements made in the past two decades have been endorsed and affirmed by leaders at all levels and member units

At the beginning of the founding of the China Adhesive Industry Association in 1987, there were only more than 400 adhesive manufacturers nationwide. At that time, there were more than 100 members, most of them state-owned and collectively owned small and medium-sized enterprises. The total output of adhesives and sealants was about 160000 tons, with an output value of 1.5 billion yuan. By 2006, the number of adhesive manufacturers nationwide had grown to nearly 3000, with more than 300 members, including wholly foreign-owned enterprises Chinese foreign joint ventures, private and state-owned enterprises and other enterprises of various ownership, and the production scale, technical level and number of enterprises of foreign-funded and private enterprises have greatly exceeded that of state-owned enterprises. Most member enterprises 20 years ago have been shut down and transferred. According to my survey and statistics. In 2006, the total output of adhesives and sealants in China was about 2.802 million tons (excluding trialdehyde glue), 17.5 times that of 87, with an annual average growth rate of 16.26%. The sales volume was 34 billion yuan, 22.7 times that of 87, and the annual average growth rate was 17.86%, which was much higher than the growth rate of China's GDP. 2001。 See Table 1 for the national adhesive production and sales volume in 2006

Table 1 production and sales of adhesives and sealants from 2001 to 2006 (excluding trialdehyde adhesive


at present, the production of adhesives and sealants in China has leapt to the top three in the world, with more than 30 enterprises with annual sales of more than 500 million yuan and more than 100 enterprises with annual sales of more than 100 million yuan. The production of adhesives and sealants in China is developing in the direction of standardization and intensification.

2. Product quality has been greatly improved, and new products and technologies continue to emerge.

twenty years ago, China produced Adhesives are basically traditional general-purpose products such as trialdehyde adhesive, homopolymer white emulsion, neoprene adhesive and 502 instant dry adhesive, which not only have small production scale, low output, but also have a single variety and no environmental protection requirements. At that time, there were only more than a thousand kinds of adhesive products. After 20 years of development, especially three, it can ensure that the fatigue testing machine has better performance and better quality, and the foreign-funded enterprises have sprung up and developed rapidly. The grade and quality of adhesives and sealants in China have been greatly improved, and the development and innovation of new products, new technologies and new equipment have made great progress, not only through copolymerization, grafting Crosslinking and other methods to improve its performance. Reduce or eliminate the content of harmful substances, and many new products have been developed, and most of them have been industrialized. For example, polyurethane structural adhesives and sealants, hot-melt adhesives and hot-melt pressure-sensitive adhesives, silicone sealants and adhesives, modified acrylate adhesives, anaerobic adhesives, modified epoxy resin adhesives, etc. are new products that have been developed and developed rapidly in recent 20 years. At present, China has produced hundreds of thousands of low, medium and high-grade adhesives and sealants, which can not only basically meet the market demand of our country, but also exported abroad. "Baiyun" brand of Guangzhou Baiyun Chemical Industry Co., Ltd. and "golden mouse" brand silicone sealant of Hangzhou Zhijiang silicone Chemical Co., Ltd. were rated as China's famous brand products by the State Administration of quality supervision, inspection and quarantine in 2006; The "camat" brand of Guangzhou Hongchang tape factory, the "Yongle" brand of Hebei Huaxia Industrial Co., Ltd. and the "Yongda" brand pressure-sensitive adhesive tape of Yongda (Zhongshan) Co., Ltd. were rated as China's famous brand products in 2007, and were deeply favored and praised by users at home and abroad

The production technology and coating technology of adhesives have also made great progress. The application of new production processes such as radiation method, UV curing method and interpenetrating method plays an important role in improving the performance of adhesives and improving the grade and quality of products

polymerization reactors are developing towards large-scale, continuous and automatic. The volume of polymerization reactors adopted by some manufacturers has increased from a few cubic meters in 87 to a few cubic meters. It has been expanded to 30 ~ 36 cubic meters, and semi continuous or continuous production has been adopted. Computer control is realized

the pressure-sensitive adhesive and hot-melt pressure-sensitive adhesive coater and Slitter designed and manufactured by China have reached the world's medium level, with a width of 1.3 ~ 2.0 meters and a coating speed of 280 meters/minute. Various automatic control facilities such as static electricity elimination technology, EPC device, tension automatic control device, high sensitivity sensor, frequency modulation and speed regulation system have been developed and put into production

we have reason to believe that with the development of China's economy and the progress of science and technology, the adhesive industry will continue to emerge more new products, new technologies and new equipment, and this industry will promote the development and progress of other related industries while developing itself

second, the export volume of products and the amount of foreign exchange earned increased significantly

twenty years ago, China's adhesives and sealing agents were hardly exported to change this situation, but a large number of products were imported from abroad. With the expansion of China's adhesive production scale and the improvement of product grade and quality, China's products actively participate in international competition and gradually enter the international market. The export volume and foreign exchange earning amount have increased significantly

according to the statistical data obtained from the customs, in 1999, China exported about 32000 tons of various adhesives and raw and auxiliary materials, with an amount of 38.4 million US dollars, while imported about 167000 tons of various adhesives and raw and auxiliary materials, with an amount of 230 million US dollars that cannot be compared with experimental machines using other processors. In 2006, Chinese Mainland exported a total of 134100 tons of adhesives and related raw materials, 4.19 times that of 1999. The average annual growth rate is 22.71%, and the amount of foreign exchange earned is 284million US dollars, which is 7.39 times that of 1999, with an average annual growth rate of 33.09%. The main countries and regions for export include the United States, Southeast Asia, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan and Hong Kong; The import of various adhesives and related raw materials amounted to 183100 tons, an increase of only 9.6% over 1999. The amount of 205 aluminum alloy window supports was 748million US dollars, 3.25 times that of 1999. See Table 2 and table 3 for the annual import and export volume and amount of adhesives and sealants

Table 2. The import volume and amount of adhesives and sealants from 2001 to 2006


the above figures fully show that the competitiveness of China's adhesives and sealants in the international market has been significantly improved in just a few years

III. carry out extensive exchanges and cooperation at home and abroad

over the past 20 years, China Adhesive Industry Association has vigorously carried out exchanges and cooperation with peers at home and abroad. Since 1999, we have held a national technology and information exchange meeting every year, and jointly held a China International adhesive and sealant exhibition with the China Council for the promotion of international trade in chemical industry every year; In addition to inviting some world-famous multinational companies such as BASF, Bayer, Henkel, fuller, national starch and so on to participate in the exhibition and make a keynote speech at the meeting, we also invite national and regional trade organizations such as the United States, Europe, Japan and Taiwan to make a report on the situation of adhesives in various regions. And have an exchange and discussion with some Chinese entrepreneurs. The second Asian adhesives conference was held in Guangzhou in 2003, and the Seventh World adhesives conference was held in Beijing in 2004. By building these exchange platforms, we not only enhanced mutual understanding, but also promoted economic and technical cooperation between each other. A number of technology and trade agreements were reached at the annual technical exchanges and exhibitions

at present, I have established close contacts with national and regional industrial organizations such as the American adhesives and sealants Committee (ASC), the European adhesives manufacturers association (fecia), the Japan Adhesives Industry Association (jaia), the Korea interfacial activator adhesives industry peer collaboration association (ksaic), and the Taiwan synthetic resin adhesives Industry Association (tsraia). In addition, our association has also strengthened exchanges and cooperation with many world-renowned multinational corporations. At present, many of them, such as Henkel, Bayer, BASF, Rohm Haas, 3M and other enterprises, are members or governing units of our association. Their participation has brought the world's leading high-tech products, advanced R & D means and modern management concepts to China's adhesive industry, It makes us see our own gap and the direction of future efforts

at the same time, CFNA also often organizes groups to visit enterprises and scientific research institutions in the United States, Europe, Japan, Taiwan and other places and participate in relevant conferences, and makes reports and special speeches on China's adhesive industry, so that the world can better understand China's adhesive industry, and continuously improve the popularity and influence of China Adhesive Industry Association

IV. existing problems

while the adhesive industry in China is developing rapidly, there are also some problems that need to be solved urgently

first, the ability of new product development and technological innovation is still relatively low. Most adhesive enterprises have insufficient or little investment in scientific research funds, lack of high-quality scientific and technological innovation talents, and some scientific research institutions have the trend of marginalization of adhesive research, resulting in the aging of products of many adhesive and sealing agent production enterprises in China. The variety is single, the product quality and grade are not high, and the development of new products and technologies is slow, which can not catch up with the rapid development of the market. According to our understanding, at present, the production capacity of some adhesives and sealants in Chinese Mainland has exceeded the market demand, and the market competition is very fierce, such as: homopolymer general polyvinyl acetate lotion (i.e. white emulsion), general acrylate styrene copolymer lotion for construction, general only cyanoacrylate instant drying adhesive, hot melt adhesive for medium and low speed book wireless binding With BOPP as the base material, acrylate pressure-sensitive adhesive and adhesive tape for packaging, general silicone sealant, etc

second, the production enterprises in China's adhesive industry are relatively scattered and lack of potential at home and abroad

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