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Review of the best-selling varieties of chemical fiber face lining in the second half of November in 2010

in the second half of November, the overall trading of lining in Shengze, Jiaxing and Changxing markets was calm, and the fabric market was warm but not hot, but the sales of down jacket fabrics, luggage fabrics and other markets rose, and 320t matte spring Asia textile also sold well, Now the characteristics of the fabric are introduced as follows:

320t matte spring Asia Textile: the fabric uses polyester dty50d/72f full matte silk produced by Wujiang Yingxiang Chemical Fiber Co., Ltd. as the raw material, and uses plain weave to weave on the water jet loom according to the 320t specification. The weaving process is unique. The dyeing and finishing process applies "environmental friendly" dyeing, especially using full matte polyester as the raw material. The color of the fabric is softer, beautiful and charming. No wonder merchants love it at first sight. At present, this fabric is an excellent fabric for making leisure down jackets, children's jackets and sportswear, showing a healthy beauty of sports. The upper body of the suit is fashionable and beautiful, and adds attractive charm. The width of the cloth is 160cm, and each meter of cloth weighs about 120 grams. The transaction price of grey cloth is about 3.80 yuan per meter. At present, the sales of high-density matte Chunya textile fabrics are still good

elastic fashion linen: it is understood that this new product uses special silk, cationic silk, composite silk and spandex as raw materials, selects fine plain weave, and is woven on a rapier loom. It has been processed through fine processes such as stitching, strong twisting, preshrinking, shaping, chromatic dyeing and finishing. The cloth surface has both the hazy feeling of hidden strips and the three-dimensional feeling of star ideas, which makes people fall in love at first sight. With its fresh and refined appearance, soft and wrinkle free texture, beautiful and charming style, flexible functions and other characteristics, it has occupied the market highlights. The cloth is 150cm wide and weighs about 250 grams per square meter. The wholesale price per meter is 12.00 yuan. Although the price of cloth is slightly higher, it can conform to modern women's psychology of "seeking novelty and beauty", so it is still marketable. The fabric can be made into not only fashion, but also business wear and trousers. It is expected that the future market will be more brilliant

imitation wool tribute silk brocade: This product uses 60s colorful yarn and 36s polyester viscose yarn as raw materials, selects fine hidden lattice structure, and is woven on air-jet loom. It has been refined through pre shrinking, shaping, twice singeing, pot steaming, calendering, pad dyeing and other main processes. With its unique advantages of fresh appearance, strong hair sensitivity, not easy to wrinkle, not easy to depilate, good wearability, soft and crisp, it is widely loved. The width of the cloth is 150cm, and each meter of cloth weighs about 270 grams. The wholesale price of each meter of cloth in the current market is about 18 yuan when the load can no longer rise. It is suitable for making handsome men's and women's suits, casual clothes, professional clothes, trousers and other clothes. The clothes are not only gorgeous and elegant, but also extraordinary

jacquard fashion linen: it is understood that this new product uses 30% 100D polyester yarn, 50% 20s cotton yarn and 20% 9s linen yarn as raw materials, with the price of 44 × 30, selected jacquard organization to intensively develop oil and gas chemical industry, oil storage, integration of Forest Pulp and paper, automobile manufacturing, shipbuilding, mineral resources processing, agricultural products processing, pharmaceutical and other industries, woven on the imported rapier machine, and processed through a variety of sophisticated processes such as singeing, scouring, oxygen bleaching, pad dyeing, finalization and so on. Jacquard patterns are both three-dimensional and artistic, making people pleasing to the eye. With its rough style, cool feel, soft and wrinkle free, beautiful patterns and other advantages, it has occupied the market hot spot. Its cloth width is 140 cm with a high degree of automation, and the cloth weighs about 270 grams per square meter. It is now on the market at a wholesale price of 14.50 yuan per meter, with rich colors. The fabric is suitable for making young women's fashion, suits, skirts and other clothing. After being installed, it is not only beautiful and charming, but also doubly attractive

two color rag: This product uses 50% 45s cotton yarn and 50% 50dfdy silk as raw materials, selects fine plain weave, weaves on the air-jet loom according to the specification of 133*70, and has been processed by singeing, shaping, pad dyeing, calendering, rag and other processes. With its unique advantages of beautiful pattern, soft feel, good drapability, good breathability and comfortable wearing, it has occupied the recent market sales highlights. The width of the cloth is 150cm, and each meter of cloth weighs about 130 grams. The wholesale price is about 21.5 yuan per meter of cloth. There are many rotten patterns, which can be purchased by everyone. It is suitable for making beautiful women's shirts, skirts, nightgowns and other clothes, which are not only admirable, but also attractive, and give people a sense of art and the times

black silk striped Gingham cloth: the warp of this product adopts polyester fdy68d; The weft adopts polyester dty75d black yarn. The fabric is woven with sliver rhombic weave on a water jet (double arm with faucet) loom. The weaving process is more creative than the same type of jacquard lining, and the texture is also slightly better. Due to the coexistence of strip and lattice, the cloth has a strong three-dimensional sense. In the process of dyeing and finishing, grey cloth adopts processes such as scouring, relaxation and alkali dyeing. The finished product has the characteristics of strong draping and good color fastness. It is suitable for preparing leather goods, bags and all kinds of casual clothes. It can also buy lining cloth produced by multiple sets of equipment at the same time. The width of the cloth door is mostly 160cm, and the transaction price of the blank in the current market is between 2.65-2.85 yuan/meter. With the advantage of low price and good quality, the market is expected to expand in the future

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