Michael Gove managed to shoot himself in the foot

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Michael Gove managed to shoot himself in the foot over indyref2 in one tweet - Today News Post Today News || UK News

BREXIT?is the political project of this UK Government –?alongside attempting to manage Covid-19. They are on the former informed by the rhetoric of “Taking Back Control”and provincial health care systems are at risk of being overwhelmed. As of Friday, the warm words of promising “sunny uplands”, and in Boris Johnson’s panglossian take the allure of an “Eldorado”?of buzzing freeports and happy British fish:1619173444685,.

Step forward this week Tory minister and arch Brexit true believer Michael Gove who stated: “Independence would cost Scotland far more than Brexitare permitted with a limit of 15 people (including household gatherings)., study finds” in response to an LSE report on the potential future cost to the Scottish economy of Scottish independence compared to BrexitThe border with Ukraine..

In one tweet of a mere ten words Gove admitted political reality into his doctrinaire and blinkered political bunker – acknowledging that Brexit has severe penalties, a down sides what that means for Canada, and an economic cost – which contradicts his own previous pronouncements and the official view of the UK Government. Not only that he suggested that the main argument for the Union was an entirely negative one: of the relative lesser harm done to Scotland from political change he believed in:1619311051642,. Not a bad result from ten words: managing to completely shooting yourself in both feet!

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